How many Different Calibers do you have?

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  1. MikeH121


    Just wondering. lets get a list going.

    22 lr

    9x18 Makarov


    38 S&W

    38 Special

    40 S&W

    45 ACP

    7.62 X 54R

    20 Gauge
  2. Mine are as follow:

    9x18 Makarov
    .38 SPL
    .357 Mag
    .40 S&W
    .44 Spl
    .44 Mag
    .223 Rem
    12 GA
  3. .45 acp
    .38 sp
    .357 mag
    .44 mag
    .22 lr
  4. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat


    .22 target pistol
    ( 2) 9mm
    .38 special
  5. S&W 3913 9MM
    S&W Model 10-5 .38spcl
    H&R Model 900 .22 Revolver
    Rayven .25
    Another .25...something Italian
    Marlin 336CS 30-30
    Interarms JW-15 .22
    Savage Mark II .22
    "Kmart" 12ga double barrel S/S
  6. Well, a long time ago I used to buy guns that I liked. Not guns I had any particular need for nor were they even good for carry. I just bought them.

    I have friends who currently have 35-45 guns! They kind of just pick them up on a whim, but none of them are what you would call "collectable", they're just guns in the house.

    Over the years I've sold off and given away guns that I'm obviously not going to use and they were just taking up space on the shelf with no chance of being used for anything other that just making sure it would shoot.

    With that said, I've cleaned up all the guns and have STANDARDIZED on one platform. At this time, it's the Glock platform across the three major calibers. 9mm, 40S&W and 45ACP. I do have a PPK/S in .380 for double secret backup, but I hate to practice with it and keep it around for purely emotional reasons now otherwise I would have given it to my brother's kid for a wedding present.

    These are the guns I carry and they are the guns that get used as they were intended. Personal protection and practice/competition shooting.

    My wife keeps a nice .22LR under the bed, but it would have died of "dust bunny suffocation" if I didn't take it out once a year and shoot/clean it for her.

    So, to answer the original question, I've got the three major calibers and they all shoot exactly alike. It's what I carry and there's no trying to figure out what needs to be done to get it to fire when clearing the holster.

    But that's just me.

    AD (the weird open carry guy from Florida)
  7. PrepperTraining


    Hmmmm let's see.....

    .45 ACP
    .45 LC
    12 guage

    Add .177 and .22 if you count air rifles.
  8. diesel


    Let me think........

    Colt: .38 Diamondback, .357 Python
    S&W: .22 Mod 22A-1, .357 586
    Ruger: 10/22, .44 Mag. Flattop
    Remington: .45 ACP 1911 R1, 870 Super Mag 12 guage pump, .30-06 Gamemaster pump action
    Olympic: AR/15 .223
    Springfield: M1A 7.62x51-.308
    Pieta: .44 1860 Army black powder

    4 double-barrels: 2 side by side 12 guage Lefever Nitro Spec.(know i spelled that wrong)
    16 guage Savage side by side
    20 guage Boito o/u
    and a Savage 210 12 guage bolt action slug gun that shoots like a rifle.
    Oh.....and a .30 M1 carbine; National Postal Meter.

    And i just sold a Colt Cobra .38 spec.2" S&W 686 .357 stainless 4" and a Smith Mod. 66 .357 stainless 4":flag:

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  9. MikeH121


    Just added another one today.

    7.62x38R Nagant Pistol. :)
  10. PrepperTraining


    Be the first on your block to collect them all!!

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