How hard would it be for me to purchase a firearm with the gun law scruitny?

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  1. Stevien



    I have a question with all the attention on gun laws and them falling in to the hands of the unstable were do I fit in I reiceive disability for ocd,ptsd,and anxiety as I have once did a 2 day stretch in a mental hospital long time ago to rest up it was my own doing with the background check will be able to purchase a handgun from an online dealer and have it shipped to a local ffl. also is there anyway I can run a legit background check on myself before purchasing and coming back with lost money?

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    There is no mental health check yet in Ohio, that I know of. And you can always buy privately. Soon though med records will be accessable, up to and including if you have a child or even are taking care of a parent in your house and they are taking any psychocoptic drugs.

    Gun grabbers, hoplophobes all, will get anything they can, or maybe I should say take anything they want. Make it up as they go.

    But as far as now you should be fine.
  3. You didn't mention if you are Vet and who made the ptsd diagnosis. As a veteran and if diagnosis was through the VA you will be on record and may have a problem going through and background check even though you may have it under control. Best of luck to you and keep trying.
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  4. There should be no way of your medical records to show up on a background check... yet.

    Though, like Dog was saying, if it was through the VA, then the government already has a record of it. I'd suggest gun shows, and online classifieds like

    With a valid license (if that) you should be good to go.

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