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House Bill 147


November 25, 2012
From my understanding the house bill will drop the requirement to purchase a permit to carry a concealed weapon. It also drops the requirement for any training that is currently required. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about this. Concerning the permit, I agree that it should go away. It's the training portion that bothers me. Are we shooting ourselves in the foot with legislation like this. Are we giving the anti gun trolls ammo if the number of gun accidents or wrongful shootings go up ? Training is something that I believe should always be part of gun ownership. To me that is just common sense to have training for something that can be so life changing if something goes wrong. Tell me what your opinions are about his bill, I am interested.



GOA Member
January 26, 2012
I absolutely agree with you, D.
Proper training in ANY potentially dangerous pursuit is a no-brainer. Would one jump from an aircraft thousands of feet in the air without training? I think not.
Isn't it also mandatory to attend a hunters education class (+ pass a written test) before one can legally purchase a hunting license?
I also believe the antis would have a field day with this law if enacted. The first person to have an accident without the training, and make no mistake, there will be accidents, the Soros media machine would rip ALL gun enthusiasts apart.
They need to rethink this bill and include the training.:no::flag:


December 29, 2013
Actually, I believe at one point if you were over a certain age you didn't need a hunters course. Its been 18+ years since I had one, so I'm no expert on the subject now...

I do agree, the permit should not be required. Our Constitution says all we need to know on that subject.

As for the training and such, I agree that it is a scary thought of irresponsible people just buying a firearm and not learning the laws and safe use, care, and carry of it. It makes a bad example of those who are responsible. Same as those who brag of carrying with permit in gin free zones because they'd rather be tried by 12...... they are admitting to breaking the laws... not a responsible permit holder...
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