Home owner shoots man in driveway

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  1. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    Friends: Man, 22, killed for pulling into wrong driveway | www.wsbradio.com

    Was this man in fear of his life? Why not stay inside at the ready if they should try to break in? Why not call the police? I do hope we are not getting the whole story.

    I use a tom tom when I go places I haven't been before. Sometimes I have turned into the wrong drive when an address isn't showing. PLEASE, if you see me sitting in your drive DON'T SHOOT ME. It will take me time to figure out the darn tom tom to get me where I want to go.
  2. Yeah I hope there is more to this as well. I think we have ALL done the same trying to find an address. I think perhaps there may be a bit of dementia at play here or at least I hope.
  3. Really thin on information to make any determination. Only those present are fully aware, it will now be up to investigators to dig up what they can on everyone to see if there are any patterns of criminal ativity that could shed light on the situation.
    Would be interesting to find out how this ends and what information becomes available.

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