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  1. jakeball


    What do you all use for home defense?
    Rifle, shotgun, handgun?
    Lasers, lights, combos?
    Safe, nightstand, quick access security box?
    Im curious to know what you all use.

    Also do you ever practice dry runs in your home? Example: set your alarm for 3:07 am, make sure no ammo in gun and clear the house with your home defense setup.
    Im curious to see what you people do to prepare for home defense.

    Shoot Strait!
  2. PrepperTraining


    I have one of the SIRT pistols. I have the GF set up targets for me to clear, then use the SIRT pistol to go through the house. Haven't tried anything at 0307 yet. I'm working on a reactive target the responds to the laser from the SIRT. Once I have the bugs worked out, I will switch to those.

    One of my peeves is gun-mounted lights. I'm not against having a light on your gun, however I take exception to people that have that light as their ONLY light. Anything you light up is in the line of fire.
  3. MikeH121


    Good locks. Alarm system. 3 big dogs totalling 200 lbs. Then Shottie first pistol follow up, if needed. Not to mention the swords all over the place and the knives. I collect both.

    Some fool kicks my door when he busts thru he goes down forever. Then I call 911 to say send the cops and the M.E.
  4. jakeball


    Nice setup, i hear a lot of people say they know what to do, but few practice it. Its one thing to have an idea but until you actually practice your not really prepared. As mike tyson said "everybody's got a plan, then they get punched in the face". Practicing your plan is essential if you don't, you'll panic and more of a chance the situation wont resolve in the best case scenario.

    Shoot Strait!
  5. Being that I have a toddler in the house, my setup is far from ideal. I have to be conscious about just how she could possibly (and often does) get into things she's not supposed to. 2 year olds are fucking ninja's! So that said, I have a shelf in the bed room far out of her reach and away from anything she can climb on. I keep my Glock up there with a loaded magazine in, and the slide closed on an empty chamber just in case. Not ideal, but not bad. Jump up, grab gun, rack the slide, rock and roll. Of course if said intruder makes it into my bed room before I know they're in, I am royally screwed. But sleeping with a loaded gun under my pillow is no option, as she regularly climbs into bed with me and her mother.
  6. BuckJM53


    Jake ... IMHO this is a very serious matter, and having a good HD plan is essential if you intend to survive a home invasion. Our home defense plan is very simple as it is only my wife and I. As you read this, please note that it is not my intention to be a hero. Accordingly, our approach is to maintain the strongest possible defensive position and stop/deter any advancing threat (You won't find us chasing any bad guys out the door).

    If it's a middle of the night invasion:
    1. Wireless alarms on all access doors and windows with security bar on the front door (ranch home)
    2. Additional security built into the master bedroom door (hinges and locks, but not door material).
    3. Cell phones on the nightstand (immediate PD call at the sound of the alarm).
    4. Pistols on the nightstand and shotgun at arms length.
    5. Shotgun blast through the master bedroom door upon any attempted entry by intruder(s) (pistol backup as necessary).

    Invasion during the day (for my wife if home alone):
    1. Retreat to a defensive position in master bedroom if possible at the sound of an alarm and proceed as above.
    2. If #1 is not an option, retrieve the nearest hidden pistol and take the best possible cover position while observing the progress of the threat.
    3. Shoot to stop the threat.

    Invasion during the day if we are both home:
    1. My wife will retreat to a defensive position in the master bedroom if possible at the sound of an alarm and proceed as above.
    2. If #1 is not an option, retrieve the nearest hidden pistol (for me it's on my hip) and take the best possible cover position while observing the progress of the threat.
    3. Shoot to stop the threat.

    As a final note, and understanding that there may be circumstances that prevent or require modification of our plan, there will be no verbal commands or warning shots. Anyone who enters our home illegally will be stopped (as long as I'm breathing)!
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  7. I'd be lying if I said we had a flawless plan, but a house alarm is not currently an option. We rent. Our landlord for whatever reason refuses to have an alarm installed. But we do have dead bolts and chain locks on every entrance. So coming through the door will be loud. We keep all windows closed and locked at night, regardless what time of year it is. Again, entry will be loud as hell. While I could potentially sleep through it, my wife would wake up to a mouse farting. When something wakes her up, I get woke up weather I want to or not. If someone breaks in, we aren't sitting ducks. Like I said, having a 2 year old who frequently wakes up at night and comes into our room, I can't be leaving firearms where she can reach them for obvious reasons. So shotgun in the corner is out of the question, as is the handgun on my bedside table. If and when somebody breaks in, My wife has the cell phone on its charger (and turned on) on her table, and the pistol is on a shelf just a few steps away. If our daughter isn't in our room, we go to hers, directly across the hall.

    It's not ideal, but until my daughter is old enough to properly handle and respect firearms, this is how it's going to be.
  8. BuckJM53


    TA ... I inadvertently addressed my comments to you instead of Jake (my apologies). You are absolutely correct that apartments and little ones in the home make planning for self defense more challenging. Since I haven't lived in an apartment or had small ones in the home for well over 30 years, I'll defer to those who have :).
  9. diesel


    I have nothing nearly so elaborate as Mr. Buck and the rest of you.
    I simply have hand guns through out my home at easy access points though loaded and ready to fire. I go through the collection scenario each time my grandchildren are to visit.
    I don't rely on a scatter gun because I have none short enough to manipulate through my home easily and quietly.

    My first line of defense is 100lb. Chocolate Lab that does not like visitors unannounced. He may let you in but will not let you out, however, he will bark up a torcaino the moment he hears you, hopefully, giving me that little extra time to arm myself. Whenever I am, asleep (+ that's quite often these days) there is a weapon within arms length, ALWAYS.:flag:
  10. for only me to know and them to find out !
  11. daniellawecki


    Home defense needs to be practice from time to time. My choice of weapon is the 1911 over a 100 years + defending this GREAT NATION. So always practice and do it safe no live ammo snap caps in the chamber. And never pull a gun out and think twice about defending your loved ones it WILL GET YOU KILLED.
  12. daniellawecki's last sentence says it all; "and never pull a gun out and think twice about defending your loved ones it WILL GET YOU KILLED"
    He who hesitates is lost. I don't know who said it, but it has been my watch words to live by and have served me well.
    I have a unique situation in the fact that my wife spends the night with her mother's residence located just outside our own home. So I have to be aware of what is going on in two structures at the same time. I have motion detectors positioned to let me know if some one is on the property approaching either structure, sensitive enough to pick up a human body not small critters ( but even they have caused me concern once or twice) :banghead:
    Easy access to firearms is not a terrible problem since we have no little ones around the home and we both shoot very well and are aware of each others habits and practices. Having the whether all to actually pull the trigger on another human is the decision you have to make in advance of being placeed in that circumstance. Knowing the answer will determine whether you should even pick up a gun at all for self defense.
    Knowing your own home, knowing how the light enters through windows at night, where the dark spots are and what will trip up those without knowledge provides you a tactical advantage. Once you have determined you immediate area is secure be quiet and let them come to you. Once I am sure the wife and mother-in-law are secure my job is done. Everything else is insured, it is real difficult to collect on that insurance if I am not around.

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