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  1. Noel


    Alright, just a little discussion. Since Whitewolf68 was entirely correct and I hated the drop leg holster. Partly because it would pull my belt down, and thus one side of my pants, and partly because my thighs are massive.

    I switched to the XD Gear hoslter that came with the gun. It was more sturdy, still pulled my belt a little, but not nearly as much. but it would flop around too much when moving up and down stairs.

    I recently switched to a Fobus compact paddle holster. Just got it today, and I'm loving it. Such a smooth draw/holster. And in my practices, I can now holster without looking at it, it feels so much more natural.

    Only problem with the paddle now, is it's a level 1, been looking up this level stuff, and I now at least want a level 2. Oh well.
  2. Noel,

    Hey! I've been very pleased with my Fobii paddle holsters. (That's multiple Fobus holsters).

    Got one for the PPK, the H&K .40 and of course the Glock 30 and 34.

    In fact if you'll look over in the "photos" thread, early on I posted up a picture of a Fobus carrying the H&K.

  3. I just love my Don Hume JIT holsters. Very small and light but secure for concealed carry.
  4. If you like leather then try RGrizzle holsters. I love my GeorgiaSnap for my glock 29
  5. I will certainly look them up for my next one. Hume holsters are getting tough to find for some reason. I had a hell of a time finding a JIT for my Kimber Ultra II. Finally found one in stock after I searched for 3 weeks and they were out of stock everywhere I tried. I finally found one on Gunbroker of all places.
  6. udbrky


    I have a Safariland ALS holster, a n82tactical and a couple tuck type from White Hat Holsters.

    I really like the ALS for OWB - you can't pull it without pushing the button with your thumb. It's like the Blackhawk Serpa, but better, because you're not pushing with your trigger finger in line with the trigger.

    The n82 is a really great low profile IWB - you have to rotate the gun outward from your body to release from the tension.

    I have a few others. I also like my Safariland 6382 - I have a leg drop too, but I can put a paddle or belt holster on it.
  7. All,

    Hey! Very cool. We already have a "holsters" thread so I'll just add my new comments right here.

    I've been using the Fobus style holsters for quite some time. I found that their "rubbberized" paddle holding system MUCH better than the clip/belt type when running a paddle holster. Although I have bought and tested many other paddle holsters, the retention of the paddle on the belt was always problematic with them all EXCEPT for the Fobus!

    I wear my holsters OWB 99.99% of the time and at the end of the day, taking off the Fobus was literally a one handed deal. Taking off ALL of the others was a two handed struggle due to the way they held themselves on to the belt area. A real pain for sure.

    So, for the longest time I was on the lookout for a good paddle type holster that had the best part of the Fobus design (the paddle and rubberized backing) and a leather portion for the gun proper.

    Over the last year I've found that the Kydex holster of the Fobus (and all of them) does tend to mar the guns finish, especially if you're drawing the holstering 20 or 30 times a day!

    So, after buying, testing and putting in the drawer, a lot of holsters, I finally tracked down what now appears to me to be the best EVERY DAY CARRY holster for my particular needs.

    I've been using it for a week or so now and it's just perfect. In fact, I just ordered two more for the other two Glocks so I'll have a matched set! :D

    The solution for me was the Bianchi Model 59 in plain black leather.

    The Glock 30 part number is #19146.
    The Glock 19/23 number is #19134.

    I'd post up a photo but any Google search will bring it up as well as the link on the holster name above. I did purchase them at Opticsplanet as they appeared to have the best price by a few dollars and had free shipping.

    For those of you who do carry 24/7 every day, you know that having a poor holster is just a real problem. I really still like my Fobus holsters as they work very well and have held up nicely but the constant wear on the gun was starting to make me take notice.

    Besides that, who doesn't like the smell of new leather on their hip!!

    AD (I may host "HolsterMania" at this house if I keep buying holsters!!)
  8. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    I really like the look of this holster. My pants seldom have belt loops and this set up looks as if I could wear it against the skin with my sr9c. What do you think of this holster?

    BTB Holster - D.M. Bullard Leather Mfg.
  9. What a beautiful holster. Very classy.

    If I were to wear a "belt style" holster, those Yanqui types would be my choice.

    They fit a variety of guns and if the ones you carry are reasonably close in size, it's just perfect!


  10. Guys,

    Well, it finally dawned on me, after shooting the Glock 21 last night, that I really don’t have a dedicated holster to use for it. This was the most recent gun I acquired.

    Seems I was either borrowing the one for the G30 or grabbing a Fobus to use. Hmm, if I decide to carry it for a few weeks, I’d hate to have to leave one of the guns without a holster.

    So, checking around again, I decided to stay the course and just make them all the same.

    Yes, another Bianchi Model 59 is on the way via Amazon, of all places. And they had the cheapest price too.

    And, because I’m on a fixed income (actually two fixed incomes), I took up on their offer of “$50 off with an Amazon card†(which I will never use) and the total cost was $9.49 and free shipping.

    So, each Glock has its own personal Bianchi holster and they ALL operate that same way.

    All the guns operate the same way. All the holsters operate the same way.

    This is a good thing as I’ve tried switching them around and it’s kind of surprising how having something as small as a thumb break versus an open top should make such a difference in your draw.

    You don’t really notice it until you’re under a little pressure, like the Monday night shoot. That’s where it finally dawned on me to NOT have different guns that do different things and holsters that all act differently.

    Actually the G21 (full sized 45) fits perfectly in the G30’s (mid sized 45) holster except the barrel sticks out about a half inch. Very untidy for us “gentleman gun handlersâ€.

    And that’s the gun and holster news from here.

    The Glock 30 part number is #19146.
    The Glock 19/23 number is #19134.
    The Glock 21 part number is #19142.


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