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  1. Glad you could find us here at, Ohio Gun Owners Forum, Thrash Addict!

    Hope you enjoy your stay with us, and become a active member of the site.

    Thanks Thrash Addict and welcome to the community, from the staff at Ohio Gun Owners Forum
  2. I'm guessing this is where I'm supposed to place an introduction.

    I'm from a crappy town in Knox County, Ohio, but I've been living in Harrison, Arkansas for a little over 3 years now. But wherever my feet touch ground is Buckeye Country as far as I'm concerned. Though it is nice to able to own and shoot using 100 round capacity mags without looking over my shoulder and hunt with rifles (classic "sporting" rifles and modern semi-automatics), I do plan on moving back soon.

    I like mostly Metal and Punk music, but a little "Outlaw" Country in the mix never hurt. The only thing I like more than a 3 acre bar fight ("mosh pit") is shooting all manor of firearms. I'm one of them gun owners who has more desire to shoot and own firearms than money to spend, so my collection is small.

    Anything other info wanted? Ask and I'll answer.
  3. daniellawecki


    Glad to too have you aboard 58 year old gun nut here.
  4. A 23 yr old,fresh young blood,WELCOME !!!
    You told us about longarms,what about handguns,preference for revolvers or pistols ?

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  5. Thanks old timers. ( :p )
    I haven't said much about long guns. But on the subject of handguns, currently I only own one: a Glock 19. I like it for its simplicity, good accuracy, ergonomics (the Gen 4 mag release really is a huge plus) and higher capacity magazines. That is actually the reason I prefer the more compact polymer framed pistols for carry. Nothing against M1911's or Beretta 92's, the Glock 19 just fits my hands better (plus mag capacity). But the old cap & ball as well as cartridge firing single action revolvers are always a pleasure to shoot just not something I'd want to bet my life on. Double actions... While I hate the long heavy trigger pull on them, they are unmatched in reliability. If I could swap cylinders as fast as magazines, I would trade squishy striker fired polymer pistols for a double action internal hammered revolver any day. ;)

    Edit to add: I have added myself to the map in two locations, the part of Ohio I'm from (and moving back to) and the area I'm living in currently in Arkansas.
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  6. Welcome to the forum. Good to have you with us.
    Post often we enjoy hearing about other people and your love for guns.


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  7. daniellawecki


    Well being a old timer I've had time to broaden my gun collection. Shooting and reloading is my cup of tea but plastic on a gun just seems wrong. Although I have shot Glocks I just don't own any right now. Right now I've been shooting the DPMS and my Colt 1911. But I do enjoy reading your post keep them coming.:)
  8. I understand that mind set. Growing up it was my grandpa teaching me the basics of firearms. For the longest time I had the same prejudice, as my NERF guns were plastic and all the guns he had me shooting were wood stocked with blued steel receivers and barrels. Maybe that's still the reason a "traditional" wood stocked AK feels so pleasing in my hands compared to an AR.

    But Glock has kind of changed my perception of Plastic framed pistols. The flex of the plastic frame was a little unnerving the first time I held one. But after putting about 1,000 rounds down range (between 3 people) with my buddy's Gen 2 Glock 17, I decided it wasn't a real issue, just untraditional and somewhat alien feeling. Much like Vietnam soldiers felt about their M16's (not to mention other early faults the rifle had).
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    As I left it open to say right now.
  10. diesel


    Hello there, T.A. Hope you don't mind the abbreviated name, i'm a bad and lazy typer.
    That said, welcome aboard. I am also 58 so i'm glad to hear from young guys like your self.
    I'm a true revolver "freak" but own many others including a 1911 and auto .22.:D :flag:
  11. PrepperTraining


    Welcome Thrash Addict!

    I like you spend most of my time out of state (MN), but really enjoy Ohio and the guys in this forum.
  12. I can't fault you for that. Even after I move back to Ohio, I do plan on coming back down to Arkansas to do some more hog huntin'. There's just something very nice about states with low population density, wide open spaces, mountain ranges, and lax firearm laws. And hunting with modern rifles, that's always nice. Still, home is where the heart is, and mine just seems stuck in Ohio. :confused:
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    Welcome from Xenia!
    I love my Glocks. I currently have 4.

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