Hey WOLF lets shoot ZOMBIES....

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by MikeH121, January 21, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    Well Wolf I emailed Zombie Barrels, asked them about lead times and if just a barrel or does it have barrel nuts etc....

    They Emailed me back said it is Just the barrel with the m4 ext....lead time 3 weeks.

    Just ordered. 129.00 shipped.:D

    Also stopped in Point Blank they had some BCM charging handles Friday. ALL GONE:banghead:

    But did grap a SwampFox carrying handle rail for 6 bucks. Fits right in the handle and grabbed a Spike's ejection port cover for 9 bucks it has a Spider and an AM Flag engraved.

    They have skulls and crossed swords, and even zombies. They will probably be gone tomorrow though.

    All my Brownells stuff shipped today:D

    I am definately nickle and diming myself to death.
  2. Thank you for the information Mike. I was wondering about them as well. I am just waiting for the money to replenish before I can order it but I will be using a Zombie Barrel on this build. Wish I was able to order it now it's killing me. :cuss:

    The hand guard kit I am waiting to order is a free float system that includes the barrel nut and jam nut along with the guards, that is $120.

    I have been on the hunt for a basic charging handle as well bu Midway USA should have my AO precision BCG and handle in stock on the 31st I hope. I have the money set aside for them.

    I have been looking at other covers as well on eBay. I suppose it does not have to be beautiful but functional which it is or will be.

    My obsession has gotten so bad I have created a spreadsheet outlining my final build parts and costs. View attachment AR-15 Parts list.pdf

    I am just a little behind you because of money Mike but I swear I WILL FINISH THIS!

    P.S. I forgot to ask what barrel did you order?
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  3. MikeH121


    Grabbed the M4 and then to add some more nickles went to Rainer Arms they had a White Oak Armament Charging Handle 19.95 it is ordered. :banghead:

    I don't drink so no money spent there, I don't eat fast food, Drive my work van home so no gas money, I only drove 4 miles to work anyway. Was costing me 20 or so every 2 weeks. But 3 or 4 days was leaving my PU at the shop so asked the boss he said go ahead. The trade off is I get the late call like today Covington, Ky at 3:30 but was done by 5 and home by 5:30.

    Got my bike but the marriage killed riding. It has sat for 4 years. But the Divorce hearing was just Thursday last week. :D It will cost me about 150.00 about 10 days from now. Had the house, she didn't want anything else, could only get what ever my ret. made from date of it went down mostly. Married 10 days short of 3 years. Put her thru college, didn't pay for her school but payed all other bills. Together 7 yrs total. No kids. She has the 50,000 Stu Loans not me.:D

    First marr, most likely only 1. Marriage works for some.

    Pay cash for my cars. I hate payments. So only util, and house. Dog food for 3, 70 lb, 75 lb, and 95 lb.

    Didn't want to lay out 1000.00 for an AR but after the panic and prices it will be close in the end. The Gas piston brought it up but I liked the performance from MAC where he froze it, and has fired a few 1000 rds so far from it.

    When the panic is over (hopefully dies down) and things settle will just grab a part here and there, for another 1 or 3:D builds. The XDs just came out at SHOT show in the 9mm 5 or 7 shot. So may grab one of those when they hit the stores. Still want a Ruger American Rifle in 30.06, still and old Ithica 12 with the eject in the bottom. Other than that I am almost content.
  4. Well I could not help myself anymore. I had to order the DAMN M4 barrel. :cuss:

    You're doing much better then I am money wise Mike. I have too much debt but I am working to get rid of it. I am married still for the last 20 years. It's been an up and down marriage but we are so much better together then we ever have been. She is fully supportive of my gun habit and knows they are investments as well.

    No kids yet but we are working on adopting our first child. I do have fur and feather kids though, 1 bird, 1 dog and 1 cat. :)

    Anyhow back to the rifle at hand. Like you I did not want to shell out $1000+ for an AR but I always wanted to build my own. Obviously I am and I will come in under the $1000 mark. It will not be anything fancy but I can always upgrade the parts when I want too and make it my own and enjoy building it.

    I hope this panic settles down soon too so that I can start collecting backup parts for other builds as well. I am waiting for Midway to get my BCG and charging handle in stock so hopefully keep your fingers crossed they come in on the 31st. That is the next step for me.

    I forgot to add I hope this barrel has the M4 feed ramps, it should it has the M4 extension already. DAMN I forgot to ask that.
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  5. MikeH121


    M4 ext should have the feed ramps, though you can always get an ext if you have to do so.

    They responded, they are NRA rated, and even on the AR15.com site nothing bad, just it didn't matter much on chrome lined....

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