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Discussion in 'Handguns' started by ADulay, May 7, 2013.

  1. All,

    Well, it all started back in November of 2012 when I ordered up a "Blue Label" Glock 30/Gen 4. They said it would be in about mid-january.

    Uh, WRONG. Mid-Jan, Mid-Feb, Mid-Mar, Mid-Apr all come and go and NO Glock 30 gets delivered to dealer that would actually take my order. He's only 125 miles away.

    So, I call Glock to find out what's the story on delivery of guns to distributors and all that and I kind of get the big picture. They're about a million guns behind and the Blue Label side is getting maybe 40% of production.

    Hmm, this isn't looking good. However, the very nice lady on the phone at Glock did say that they now had several more authorized Blue Label dealers in Florida and she gave me 5 of them on my side of the state.

    So I start calling them to see if anybody has a Glock 30/Gen 4. Nope, they've got some G17's and things like that, but I'm dead set on a G30. I eventually call a nice gun store in Tampa and talk to a very nice and knowlegeable lady, it is determined that they do, in fact, have a G30 but it's a Gen 3. This is not a problem as that's basically what I'm carrying and having a spare is what I'm going for.

    We talk a bit and she explains the entire Red Label/Blue Label structure and why I can't find what I'm looking for. Just for grins, I ask her if she has a Glock 21 (full sized 45) and as it turns out she does! The bad part is that it is already accounted for with another buyer.

    So, I told her I would show up on Tuesday after getting my deposit back from the first dealer and taking the motorcycle over across town. Getting my deposit back was easy enough and I headed over to the "new" place.

    The lady I talked with on the phone turns out to be very nice and packing a Kimber on her hip. She said it's a nice gun and makes her butt look good but if she needs to shoot somebody, she'll grab the Glock under the counter. Said she didn't want to actually get her Kimber dirty!!

    Fast forward to the sale. She brings out both guns (G30 and G21) and I'm fondling both. She mentions that the G21 is spoken for. I casually ask if the guy still wants to buy it as it has been "on layaway" for something like 4 months. She actually called the guy and asked him how things were going and if he was still interested in the purchase. He basically said he ran out of money and wouldn't be able to buy it.

    Woo-Hoo! I can buy it for the same price of the G30. (These are set prices from Glock, not the store).

    The more I thought about it, the better I felt as I could have another 45 for backup use, cut back on my heavy shooting of the G30 and have a full sized 45 to shoot in IDPA's CDP division!!

    When they called in my info, of course the government check system is "down for the day". Crap, I really don't want to do another 250 round trip to come back tomorrow. I decide to wander around the store, playing with the stuff and she calls back in something like 20 minutes later and my 4473 check goes right on through.

    To get to the point, I rode home, called my buddy and said we MUST get at least 20 rounds through the new gun or I won't be able to sleep tonight. Off we go to the range.

    Sprayed some CLP on it, loaded up 10 rounds and shot the first 3 from ten yards at the head. That went so well, I backed off to 20 yards and finished off the magazine.

    The photo shows the results. Brand new Glock 21 and its first 10 shots!!

    Life is good.


  2. You really can't go wrong with a Glock, can you.
    Nice AD
  3. All four of my Glocks are stone stock. Well, I did replace the rear plates on three of them because I wanted a personal design on a non-functional piece, but that's the extent of it.

    Stock triggers, mags, slides, barrels, etc.

    They ALL shoot dead nuts on, every single time, right out of the box.

  4. Hey! Why start a new thread when I can just tack on to this one!!

    Anyway, as I've picked up a small armory of Glocks over the last year, I was missing something.

    Got a full size 45 (Glock 21) and a compact one (Glock 30).

    Got a decent backup for when I need a few extra bullets in the Glock 23 (40S&W).

    Got the full sized 9mm gun (Glock 34) for shooting on the Monday Night IDPA and things like that.

    What's missing?

    Well, I needed a normal sized (or compact) 9mm gun and I called up to my Blue Label Glock dealer in Tampa and they had a Glock 19/Gen 4 just waiting to be picked up by somebody who had put a down payment on it 4 months ago.

    I told them I could be there today to pick it up. They had a quick pow-wow and the next thing you know they said "come on up and get your gun".


    So now I have the complete set. 19/23/30. 9mm, 40 and 45. Everything is covered.

    If somebody comes down to visit and they don't want to get their precious Kimber dirty, they can borrow pretty much any size and any caliber to fit.

    Me? I think the main reason I got it was to have a "left handed gun". Say what? Yep, I was thinking about what would happen if my right arm/hand/elbow/whatever got injured during all the crap I do around here and I'd have to carry on my left side with a weak hand draw and fire. The solution was the Glock 19 in 9mm. It was obvious.

    The Glock 19 and Glock 23 are identical in size and weight which makes holster choices very easy!

    Anyway, I'll be eBay/Amazon shopping for a Galco or Bianchi left handed black leather holster this week.

    AD (I think I can hold off for awhile on buying new guns now)


  5. All,

    Well, I got a chance to hit the range tonight just to make sure the new Glock 19 works.

    It does.

    50 rounds downrange. All bullets on target. (This is good.)

    First 15 were from 20 yards to the standard IDPA target. All shots either down "0" or down "1".

    Moved to 15 yards and threw 10 rounds at the target. Still all shots down "0" or down "1".

    Moved into the key 7 yard range for weak hand and strong hand to finish.

    Shot five to the body and five to the head. All "down zero". Very good!

    Figured I'll just back off to 10 yards and finish the box of ammo shooting strong hand and weak hand from there.

    The remaining shots were 5 strong and 10 weak. The last 5 were weak hand to the head and they all hit. Excellent.

    As usual, right out of the box the new Glock fired perfectly and on target.

    I'd shoot it in a classifier tomorrow if we had one.

    I'll run 50 rounds of EDC ammo through it either on Friday or Saturday and assuming it comes through that with no problems, it will officially be available for daily carry, but it will have to get in line behind the G30 and the G23 so I'm thinking it won't get carried much at all, if any!


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