Here is a short video on the 300AAC blackout

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  1. Love this video and think this just might be the next addon I build or purchase. ALL those split .223 case after they get a little old just might be able to be made in to blackout brass. If not I like having the option of a 30 caliber round in the AR format.

    300 AAC Blackout Takes the World by Storm
  2. I remember when the 'whisper' series of cartrides came out many,many years ago,all were subsonic for suppession and for special forces covert operations. Last fall I was looking at the 300AAC in various rifles at the Charlotte NC gunshow. Still undecided if I want one.
  3. As more are sold and results come in,I'll put it in the 'maybe future' catergory.
    The AR15/10 platforms have added 204 Ruger,243 Win,260 Rem,6.5 Creedmore,6.8 Rem SPC,338 Federal,458 Socom,they'll probably be a lot more in the future.
    As firearm history,it's always been faster & more powerful. 38sp to 357M,44sp to 44M,45LC to 454 Casull just to name a few and rifle catergory is the same.
    I consider(for now) the 300AAC a step backward towards the AK47,SKS,30-30. Granted the downrange ballistics of the 300AAC are 'nice',I'd like to see what else occurs in the platforms.
  4. The reason I like the blackout is because of it being close ballistically to the AK. Just give our AR that extra oomph. :D

    Thats just my opinion for what it's worth.
  5. that's the same reason(even thou I consider it a step backwards) I like the 300AAC,but I wanna see some usage and reloading reports first.

    I used to have a Ruger Mini-30(very early model). I liked the 30 cal small case but the rifle(with scope) couldn't even put em on paper at 100yds. I even handloaded for it. I blame the rifle,not the cartridge.
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  6. I will see if I can come up with some reloading reports for you. I am sure there are a few somewhere. ;)

    Never fired a mini 30 or 14. I always wanted one but cost was too high.
  7. I bought one of each back in the mid 80s',paid about 350 each. Didn't have the mini-30 long as it couldn't shoot. The mini-14 stayed with me longer but still gone with the advent of commercial ARs'. The mini-14 shot better,at least it would stay on paper. That's what/when I started reloading 223/5.56 for. I loved the minis' because of thier basis on the M14 action. On my list of firearms to acquire is a relatively recent(serial numbers are listed on line to show year of manufacture)ranch mini-14 with dark composite stock as improvements over the years have supposedly improved accuracy.
    Also on my list is a SA M1A 22" composite and a S&W 610 5".
  8. I always wanted a mini 14 as well and it still remains on my list of firearms to acquire. Perhaps that is my next purchase who knows. Money being tight and all I can still dream about it. I still want my .300 AAC blackout upper though.
  9. MikeH121


    Just get yourself a 300 AAC barrel, and flash/comp, same bolt same mags same upper. 300 same case just not stepped down to 556/223. So a 30 rd Pmag fits 30 rds of AAC or 556/223.

    The only reason to get a dedicated 300 AAC upper is to switch between the two, instead of switching barrels.
  10. I thought about that too and barrel switching is just a PITA. Upper switching for me is a 30 second process. I know it will cost more but sometimes there are deals for a complete upper with bolt and charging handle too. I am still weighing the options and cost. ;)
  11. MikeH121


    Just use your bolt, same cartridge, same mag, the 556 is a necked down 30 anyway. :D

    I may look into a barrel just to have around, but then again I may do a whole other build and get 2 uppers before years' end.
  12. I think someone, besides me, is addicted to building AR's. :D
  13. MikeH121


    AA is for quitters..... I have no addiction, I just feel a need to be tac-ti-cool....:D

    I just looked on Bownells and MidwayUSA this morning, had a SS 16" 300 AAC blackout barrel for 199.00 in stock.

    Just a barrel a new gas block and flash/comp and ta-da 2-2-2 guns in one.
  14. I have been looking as well and figure I can build a new upper for perhaps $350 or a little more.

    I am on the hunt but money is still tight so I have to be a bit frugal and yet build a quality upper.

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