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    Help me out, guys. I just bought a Springfield m1a. In the users manuel, it warns against the use of reloads and typical store bought stuff. It goes on to claim that this rifle should only be fed military type (nato) ammo. The mil. ammo, they claim, has a very HARD primer that stops "slam fires." The use of non-mil. ammo is not recommended as the softer primers can lead to a rifle busting, injurous "slam fire."
    Should i be concerned with this warning?
    Correct me if i am wrong, this rifle will fire 7.62-51 and .308?
    Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.:flag:
  2. I will have to dig into this one a little farther unless someone else know more about them.

    I do know that you can buy hard cup military primers at Cabelas and I am sure other stores. They are the same primers used by the military and designed such weapons. I do know that there are certain weapons that are prone to slam fire but I cannot remember if that was one of them or not. Me personally I would stick with the hard military primers if they say so. They aren't that much more it at all.
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    Thanks Wolf. I've since this post done some research. I guess they have been known to slam fire, but rarely. The SKS is the leader of the slam fire pack from what i've read. They are more prone to run off automatically than to explode.
    I will stick to the hard primered military stuff even though it's more exspensive. I wouldn't want to try to hang on to this rifle if it ran off on auto.:flag:
  4. LOL, I was just going to post the same information for you. Yeah if you do decide to reload use the white box military grade primers. I am not sure what I did with my primer comparison check list but I will see if I can find it. It have the harness levels listed with it. I am not sure how hard the Russian wolf brand primers are and I really hate to use commie primers too, but they might also be an option.
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  6. Along with the CCI #34 white box for 7.62,I saw recently somewhere on a firearm site that Rem 9 1/2M are NATO compliant. I'll be reloading for DPMS sporticle 7.62,so that info stuck with me.
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    Excuse my ignorance, but is the Rem 9 1/2M a primer?:confused: :flag:

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