1. Hello my name is Slim and I live in the Kettering Dayton area.
  2. DEFCON1


    Well hello Slim! I beat the admins! I'm up in Vandalia. There aren't a lot of us here, but it's growing every day. Welcome to the board.
  3. Thanks to all in advance
  4. Yes, Defcon1 did beat me to the punch, damn it. LOL

    Welcome to the forum, if there is anything I can do to help or improve on please let me know. I hope you enjoy the forum. :)
  5. Thanks wolf
  6. diesel


    Hello guys. I'm Diesel, hope to learn some things from you boys. I'm from the Youngstown area.
  7. Welcome to the forum Diesel. If there is anything I can help you with or do for the board please let me know.
  8. diesel


    How are ya Slim? My neighbor is named Slim and he is a good guy. Hopefully i now know two good guys named Slim.
  9. forrest r

    forrest r

    Hello to the both of you, welcome to this small & expanding forum.
  10. I'm good thank you diesel. With a name like that he's got to be a good guy.
    Thanks to you too Forrest.

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