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  1. 45 Colt

    45 Colt

    Hello All,
    Ain't from OH.
    Currently from Fruitifornia.
    Hope this will change later this year,to Arizona.

    I primarily shoot 45 Colt and 45-70's.As in Trapdoor loads.
    Done the old way.
    Course, do the 45 Colt in the smokieless.As well as BP loads.
    Ole' Wolfie chased me on here...:D
    You all have a good weekend.
  2. Welcome 45 Colt. =) I use to have a 44-40 till my dad took it back. Never did get to shoot that darn thing.

    Anything I do to improve or help please let me know. As you know ALL are welcome here.

    Good luck on the move too, would love to visit Arizona someday.

    P.S. I promise not to chase you away. LOL
  3. diesel


    Hello colt.
  4. Just between you and me....I ain't from OH either. PA here. :p
  5. An infiltrator huh? LMAO

    All are welcome of course. :D

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