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    Hello from South Dakota :) I regularly visit family in OH, and I plan to move to OH next year.

    A little about me: SWM, southpaw, Army grunt, Afghanistan vet, 2 kids, looking to finish collage and get a CDL.

    I currently use a Utah non-resident permit to carry while visiting since OH does not honor the SD permit. I understand OH has a non-resident permit in the works and if so, as soon as it's set up I'll be more than happy to give OH my money for it. I always like to have a permit from the state I'm visiting whenever possible, even if I have another permit which they honor. A quick question on OH permits: Will OH accept my DD214 in place of a training certificate?

    Although I own few guns and do not think of myself as an 'enthusiast', I am a big supporter of the right to keep and bear. In StylusLand if you can legally own a gun at all, then you can carry whatever gun almost anywhere you have a legal right to be, and in whatever fashion you want to carry it. Sadly we don't live in StylusLand. Still, IMO the Gun Control Act and the Hughes Amendment to the FOPA need to be repealed yesterday. While I support some minimal mandatory training and a trigger-lock law in the same way I support a hunters-safety coarse, I oppose all forms of registration, most gun-free zones, and bans on kinds of firearms. IMO if you can legally own a gun at all then you should be able to buy an assault-rifle if your little hart desires.

    One key difference I'll have to be aware of when I make my move next year is that no-gun signs carry force of law in OH. They do not here in SD. If you care to hear my opinion on gun-buster signs, here it is, and I won't think less of you if you disagree with me: It's your property, you have the right to control it, and you have the right to ban guns if you want, but sending a first-time offender to jail over it is retarded. That's like sending a swat team out to a ranch in Nevada to confiscate some cattle. Pure over-kill. Post your no-gun sign, and if you see someone braking your rule, on purpose or not, kick them out, ban them for life, it's your property. And you shouldn't need to have a special kind of sign, either. But that should be no more of a crime then bringing your own snack into a movie theater, or walking into a posted gas-station without a shirt on.

    Ok, enough on that :banghead:

    I'm new to OC...and by 'new' I mean I've only don it a few times, at night, on a quick errand and simply didn't want to go out of my way to take the extra steps in concealing. Strange thing about OC here in SoDak, it's rare in the city, but when you're out in the Black Hills its expected. If you're out hiking and you're armed, it's expected that you will OC as a sign that you aren't up to anything. People tend to act differently when there's no cell service and the police are at least an hour away. If you CC and someone makes you, you will be regarded with suspicion. And the opposite is true in a city, where OC'ers get cops called on them. I look forward to OC in OH, especially after I buy a motor cycle, but I haven't don it yet.

    So here I am. Good to be here :)
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  2. diesel


    Howdy, Stylus, good to have you on board.
    I think you'll find that most of us MOSTLY agree with your thinking.
    This site is kind of homey. By that I mean the folks on here are the same ones day after day and one becomes quite familiar with them, almost like family in a sense.
    These guys are smarter, cooler, and more down to earth than most, I think you'll like it here.:flag:
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    Greetings from Xenia!

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    Welcome to the forum
  5. Stylus,

    Welcome aboard. There's a pretty good group of shooters here for sure.

    I love running out to the Dakotas every year on our annual motorcycle run. Obviously open carry is a big draw and I exercise that option to the fullest.


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  6. Welcome Stylus and thank you for your service. You will find a lot of like minded 2nd Amendment loving people here obviously. Have a seat, kick off your show and enjoy.

    As always anything I can do to help please let me know and I will do my best.

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