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  1. Hi everyone, signed up hoping to find a great deal on a local firearm, pistol/rifle/shotgun don't really care. I'd love to get my hands on a revolver, preferably a cheap one that will do the job time and time again. Thanks and have a good one, if you want to get in contact with me (because I don't know if I'll always be on this site as I'm pretty busy in life) just shoot me an e-mail (if it's not listed in my profile) [email protected] .

    Also I have tons of experience shooting those lovely M16's and some nominal experience with a M9 while I was in Houston. I'm also looking to find someone who wouldn't mind me testing out their firearm(s) so I can get my bearings on how cheap of a firearm I could manage and how expensive something is worth to me (I do love firearm's but I also put computers, telescopes, and other geeky stuff on my to-do list, not to mention those non-important stuff like child support and visiting my baby (I'm kidding that's the most important!)...)

    Anyways please let me know if you could help me out, and if you have any questions or you think I could help you out I'd genuinely try! God Bless!

    P.S. if you need someone handy with computers I'm pretty tech savvy though I know nothing about Mac's... Hope I can help anyone out.
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  2. Welcome !
    I used to be into astronomy & telescopes. Currently heavily involved in Photoshop & Premiere.
  3. diesel


    Welcome aboard, mate. I'm a revolver fanatic myself and own several.:flag:
  4. oldman, if you live in Akron area I'd love to meet up, I just purchased a Galileo Reflector and would love to fine tune it, plus it needs some repair and I don't know how to go about it... I paid $35 for it so I can't complain :)... it retails for about $200 haha. Diesel I'd really like to take a few shots with some of your revolvers :D
  5. Got a manufacturer,model number,part number for the telescope ?
  6. Hey oldman10mm, it's a FS-120 Reflector F1000x120
  7. the 1000 is the focal length in millimeters,the 120 is the mirror diameter in millimeters. what eyepieces do you have with it ?
  8. only a 25mm I believe, with some zoom lenses. I'll purchase some more lenses once I figure out how to get that broke screw piece from the threads of the eye piece... so it'll hold the lenses properly. I'm looking into a set of Celestron lenses.
  9. couple questions
    is the mount azimuth or equatorial,google images shows both for that model.
    is the eyepiece holder(or eyepieces) 1" or 1 1/4" diameter.
  10. diesel


    Sorry I've been away so long, busy busy busy. If your ever in the Youngstown area, look me up. I'd love to shoot the revolvers with you.
    AS for revolvers and price?.....hard to find good ones cheap. I highly recommend S&W, but they are pricey. A decent, low cost revolver is the Taurus....inexpensive and life-time guarantee'd.:flag:
  11. Ah ok Thanks Diesel. I live right off of 76/77 so not far at all! Oldman I apologize for the delay, life grabs us by the horns sometimes so I've been taken for a ride lately lol. My telescope is essentially this one-color and all. I think mine is slightly longer/more powerful though. Galileo 900mm-102mm Newtonian Reflector Telescope FS-102NT . Galileo Telescopes.

    I just purchased my Ruger 10/22 Tactical, what sort of accessories do y'all think I should get... handle? scope? bipod? I want to always prepare for worst (Government falling apart and zombies roaming the street)
  12. daniellawecki


    RE Hello Canton / Akron Welcome from Tol Ohio to bad your so far away pistol revolver shooter reloader. Don,t shoot many rifles barrel half way to the target. Shooter of RUGERS SMITH & WESSON TAURUS COLT HIGHSTANDARD pistols and revolvers from 22-44mag.
  13. diesel


    If you want to (what I call) "tactisize" it, there are numerous access. out there for it. Any of the "catalog" companies
    (cabelas, natcheze, sportsmans guide, etc.) have everything from simple clip add- ons to the Archangel kit.
    For me, just a simple, quality, 4x power fixed, scope.:flag:
  14. BuckJM53


    Welcome from SW Ohio ... Glad to have you aboard!
  15. Thank you Buck. @diesel-I think I'm going with a TruGlo laser scope with the little green/red reticle...

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