Hello everybody!

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  1. Jaydub 42

    Jaydub 42

    Hey just saying hi, I'm new here! Lived in Ohio all my life though.

    Glad to find this site. Looks so well designed and full of friendlies.
    I'm only 19 though so I might not be old enough to be here! :p
  2. diesel


    Hello Jay. Yup, many friendly people here. Also very knowledgeable folks.
    Any question you may have about a gun, someone on this site will know the answer.:flag:
  3. Welcome to the community Jay. Your 100% right there are lots of friendly people here and good information shared.

    Relax and enjoy. :)
  4. reenignEesreveR


    Welcome! Never too young to learn! 19... no handguns yet, but you should be good to buy long guns :)

    Everybody I've met here has been great!

    Nice to meet you.

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  5. Jaydub 42

    Jaydub 42

    Actually was lucky enough to have an xd9 handed down to me.

    I've got a question and I don't know if I should start a new thread in a different board or just ask it here since it's already started.. but
    On my 10/22 takedown, on the bolt there's a little black pin looking thing that fell out of the bolt. I looked in the manual it came with and saw it went it the spring right below the charging handle but it just falls out if I fire another round, and it's TINY. part no b-16. I was thinking of just dabbing a little loc-tite on the end that fits the spring but wanted to get some opinions first before I go putting glue in the receiver.

    Any help is appreciated!

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