1. beatmeofficer


    Hi All,

    I recently moved from Indiana after graduating from Purdue University. I am a member of several other sites (ar15, ingunowners etc etc). I'm also an avid fan of cars and motorcycles and have owned several 400-600 whp cars and some fun bikes :) I can safely say my two favorite hobbies are firearms (women and beer/brewing highly top that list but i figure that tops everyone's list as well) and automotive racing and modification. I autocross, drag race, drift and additionally exercise alot, but honestly have not yet had the time to become as involved in firearms as I hope to be shortly. I have owned several types of firearms through the years and made the amazing decision of selling my 2 AR's after graduating (perfect timing) and am painfully lacking in them at this moment. Currently I only own a handful of handguns and a .308 and .223 savage. I fully enjoy building and using my firearms to the best of my ability I am hoping with the time I now have at my disposal to hopefully involve myself in some amateur shooting competitions and certainty taking some tactical courses, of which I am VERY excited for. I currently reside in the northeast ohio just east of cleveland, mentor to be exact, working for sprint and so far am enjoying the area. I look forward to becoming acquainted with the forum and contributing to the best of my ability... and if I am very lucky find myself a CZ!

    Thanks all
  2. MikeH121


    Welcome. Lots of know-how here. Good people not a lot of attitude. Well pro-gun yes pro-politician no. :D
  3. diesel


    Hello, Mr. Beatme. Ditto MikeH121. These guys really know their stuff and are as friendly as can be.
    If your looking to get into competitions, look up Mr. A Duley. He is our resident competition shooting guru and a helluva shot.:flag:
  4. Hi Beat,
    Welcome to the forums. I'm originally from a little town not to far from you called Chesterland. Back in my wilder days, Mentor was part of stomping grounds. I now live over on the Southwest part of Cleveland in North Olmsted. There is a public range not to far from you out in Grand River if you are looking for somewhere to shoot your rifles. I have to get out there and sight mine in someday.
  5. Welcome to the community! Having been a member of INGunowners as well I can tell you we are not nearly as big or established as they are but patterned very closely to them so you should be quite comfortable with the layout. :)

    We are a small community right now but growing and always happy to have more active members here to join in the discussions. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to let me know or just post a message. We are always willing to help when needed.

    P.S. I will also ditto what Mike said as well. :D
  6. PrepperTraining


    Welcome Beat!

    Everything you have heard above is true. This is a great, friendly bunch of shooters here.

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