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Discussion in 'Shooters of Maumee' started by whitewolf68, January 13, 2013.

  1. at the Shooters range with the new Glock 30. It performed as I had hoped but I need to work on my wrist control, I was pulling left so I need more practice time.

    The range was busy as hell too. When I got there they had a class on the range and probably 2 dozen people waiting for a lane. I was fortunate to get a lane, thank you Keith. I cut my time short and only stayed about an hour or long enough to put 100 rounds downrange so that others could have a chance as well.

    Over all it was a good day. Oh and I did drop off two flyers to Shooters as well in hopes we can get some exposure there. :)
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  2. Make sure you've got that left hand (and thumb) actually doing something and not just "resting" in place.

    When I shoot with the hand held flashlight, almost all of my shots drift off left. That's because the flashlight takes away from the amount of "force" I can lay up on the frame.

    So, make sure that left hand is firmly in place on the frame and your "left pull" should go away.

  3. Thank you for the help AD I will have to try that next time I am at the range. :)

    I know that I need more range time but at $20 a day I just cannot afford too much of it. I have to find another job or something to support my habit.
  4. rebel_son


    Lots of people seem to pull a bit left with the Glock. I know when I choke up the slack on the trigger on my glock17 before I shot I do ok. Nothing is like the trigger on a 1911 though. I wish I could get my glock trigger like that without it costing a fortune.

    As side note, I have a dealer accoutn with lone wolffe anyone know what parts they sell that could make it so I dont have all that slack in the tigger prior to the bang? I know I can get the 3.5lb trigger, but I still worry about all that slack.
  5. Yeah it will take a while for me to get used to the Glock trigger. I am used to my Kimber 1911 trigger.

    Hopefully our resident Glock man (AD) will be able to help you on the parts.

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