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H&R Model 834


October 24, 2013
This is a 22cal revolver (9 rounds) I picked up at the Berea Gun Show a few weeks back (for about $200). Put about 50 rounds through it now and shoots well enough.

After a day at the range went through my normal cleaning ritual, but did a full tear down of this. Removed the cylinder assembly and the push rod was absolutely filthy. I literally had powder just caking off in my hands. Would 50 rounds cause this much funk?

It's now much cleaner and there appears to be no rust, parts all cleaned and oiled. I reckon it will even move smoother now, but am wondering about that buildup. Is that normal? How often do you perform a complete tear down on revolvers during cleaning and maintenance?

My kit has mostly been compiled for 9mm, .380ACP, .40 and 30 ot 6. I did pick up a bore snake for .22 but am wondering if there are other tools more suited to cleaning revolvers. I use qtips, pipe cleaners, pec pads, Hoppes, lube and the usual bore brushes, rags, etc.

Am I missing anything? What about the grips?
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GOA Member
January 26, 2012
Depends on the ammo. Sometimes cheap ammo has VERY cheap powder and a lot of build up can be expected.
I tear mine down at about 1,000 rounds, again, it depends on what you feed it.

Good luck with it, buddy. H&R's are not bad pistols.:flag: