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Gun crimes increase in Massachusetts despite tough gun laws


Site Owner
October 7, 2011
Massachusetts has a national reputation as a bastion of gun control, but crimes and injuries related to firearms have risen — sometimes dramatically — since the state passed a comprehensive package of gun laws in 1998.

h firearms have increased significantly, aggravated assaults and robberies involving guns have risen, and gunshot injuries are up, according to FBI and state data.

To gun-rights groups like the National Rifle Association, these statistics are evidence that gun control does not work. But to gun-control advocates, the numbers show that no state — no matter how tough the laws — is protected from firearms violence when guns are brought in from other states.

“The quality of your gun-licensing laws is only as good as those surrounding you,†said James Alan Fox, a Northeastern University criminologist.

By that measure, according to gun-law proponents, Massachusetts has proved to be vulnerable. Only two states have a higher percentage of out-of-state guns found at crime scenes, according to a study by Mayors Against Illegal Guns, a group cofounded by Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino.

Gun crimes increase in Massachusetts despite tough gun laws - News - Boston.com


December 11, 2012
Where else would you get them?

Does this mean that if you put into place an extensive package of gun laws that your violent crime statistics are going to rise dramatically.

The paradox is just unbelievable and for educated people to draw the conclusions that they have are just ridiculous. If someone can't purchase something in their own state they are going to buy it somewhere else. But to say that they purposely do so just to commit a crime is just too far out there. :banghead: Could the connection between the out of state purchase of those weapons and the crimes they committed, be the homeowner who purchased a weapon in NH and had it stolen from him by the criminial who then committed a crime. They don't specify in their statistics what percentage of these weapons in question were reported stolen, because this would lessen the outward effects of their riduculous conclusions.

Criminials unlike a gun enthusist they don't steal just Glocks or CZs they take what ever they can and may keep what they like or can't dispose of for money. They may keep the one that they have ammo for or is more readily available in their area. But it all comes down to a crime of convienence, if there are weapons in a home (most of the time the criminial is unaware) it is considered a bonus they were not expecting. There is no way of a criminial knowing what they are going to find when they enter a home for the purpose of commiting a crime, its not like we post a catolog on the window of what own.

It is a chance they take when they enter the home to commit a crime, they also take that chance that the homeowner is armed and ready to defend what is theirs, as it should be. :rofl:
The state is taking that away from the homeowner making them more of a taget to thiefs and creating greater opportunities for criminials to gain access to weapons, peoples possessions and placing their lives in danger. :banghead: :flag: