Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at grocery store

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  1. SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A citizen with a gun stopped a knife wielding man as he began stabbing people Thursday evening at the downtown Salt Lake City Smith's store.

    Police say the suspect purchased a knife inside the store and then turned it into a weapon. Smith's employee Dorothy Espinoza says, "He pulled it out and stood outside the Smiths in the foyer. And just started stabbing people and yelling you killed my people. You killed my people."

    Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store - - Salt Lake City, Utah News
  2. diesel


    God bless the "gun carring man." Had it been me.....i"m afraid there would have been one less of "his people."
  3. I can agree with that statement Diesel. I would probably have done the same.

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