1. Hi, my name is Johnny. I'm brand new to the website and thought I would post this thread. I'm from southern Ohio and i smile every time I see the Obama countdown on the home page. Makes me laugh.
  2. Welcome to the forums Johnny always nice to have a new member. If there there is anything I can do to help please let me know. :)

    I put that timer there in the sincere hopes that he is TRULY gone in the coming elections and as a reminder of the day too.:D
  3. diesel


    Hello Johnny, good to have you with us. Looking forward to your input.
  4. Sigh


    Hey Johnny, welcome to the forum!

    I'm about an hour west from Chillicothe. Do you open carry any locally?
  5. Welcome Johnny, I think you will Like it here.
  6. Well, considering I am only 14, no. Haha. But when I am old enough, maybe.

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