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  1. Salamander42


    Hello, everyone! I figured it's about time that I signed up here. . . I've been back in Ohio for almost a year now after living in Indiana for about 12 years. I was (and technically still am) a member of the Indidna gun owner's forum as well, and was always finding all kinds of helpful info there. I imagine it'll be the same here.

    At the moment I'm primarily searching for a good range to go to. . . It's been way too long since I got out for some handgun target practice, and I have several rifles that I just inherited from my grandfather that I'd like to put through their paces. I'll see what I can turn up with a search, but if anyone has any recommendations for anyplace close to Akron I'd apreciate them. Right now the Grand River ODNR range looks like exactly the kind of place that I'm looking for, but it's an hour away from me. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!
  2. diesel


    Greeting, Sal. Welcome aboard.:flag:
  3. Welcome to the community Salamander. WE are not nearly as large as INGO is but we do have a great group of people here and always willing to take in new members.

    If there is anything I can do to help please let me know.

    Again, welcome. :)

  4. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    I shoot out at Mid west gun club in Canal Fulton. This is pretty close to Akron. Downtown Akron is about 20 min from me and the range is about 10 min from me.

    Midwest Gun Club

    It is a little hole in the wall but nice people work there :) Usually find me there at 6.00 pm on Tuesday because this is ladies night and ladies get free range time.

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