Greetings from a New Ohio Resident

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  1. ncthorn


    Hey all!

    I just wanted to drop in and introduce myself. I will be graduating this weekend from Notre Dame and will be moving to the Columbus area very soon. I am originally from Terre Haute, IN and have been a long time member at I am glad to see this community is structured very similarly to INGO! Some of you who are members of INGO, ARFCOM, or TheAKForum will recognize my posts and my blog (Modern Rifleman | Guns, Gear, Politics, etc.). I look forward to being a regular contributor over here as well!

  2. diesel


    Welcome, Nate. I look forward to your coming contributions. You'll find that the gang here is one nicer than the next and they can answer about any questions you may have regarding firearms.:flag:
  3. MikeH121


    Welcome...ditto what Diesel said.

    Pose a question, someone will answer; rant, gripe, about the Hoplophobes; or just get some coffee take a load of and have a good laugh.
  4. Welcome to Ohio, Nate. Always good to have another opinion and source of information. Looking forward to your interaction.
  5. Welcome to the community Nathan and welcome to Ohio. I am glad to see you recognize the layout, it is patterned after INGO. We are not nearly as big and recognized as them but we have a great group of people here and always looking to expand our membership. Please help us out and spread the word if you would be so kind.

    Again, welcome. :)

  6. Welcome to the site Nathan.
    Looking fwd to your contributions.

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