Greetings fellow gun owners ! :-)

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  1. Toledo Ron

    Toledo Ron


    I hope you'll except an old retired "Jarrine" to this forum as I look forward to exchanging thoughts, ideas, opinions, and views on subjects concerning our collective interests in firearms, Ohio laws, and other important subjects. :flag:
  2. MikeH121


    I suppose....if we have to....:D

    We has more grunts I think.... but any firearm peoples are welcome.....even Marines :rofl:

    Did some lock work for the Recruting Station in Cincinnati, the Navy had their own people, the Army had its own, the Air Force and Marines didn't, Army no problem as an Army Vet we got along fine. Went to the Navy they said ask the Marines what Marine stands for, My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment

    Went over to the Air Force, they were chillin'. Went over to the Marines, told them first I work with a guy who was a Marine and he is crazy, they said once he left they were no longer responsible, told them what the Squid said, they chuckled and said, "Tell the Squid the Marines ARE the Navy's MENS department." :rofl:

    Welcome, there are Good people here. Not too serious even though the issues sometimes are.
  3. diesel


    Hey, Ron. I'm not a vet but a major patriot none the less. Good to see you here and thanks for your service.
    Looking forward to your input.:flag:
  4. Welcome to the community Ron. Always glad to have another member here.

    If there is anything I can do to help please do not hesitate to let me know. We're not the biggest, or the fastest but I like to think the best. :D

    Again, welcome and thank you for your service.


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