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  1. Anybody use 'environment friendly non lead' commercially loaded ammo or reload the 'environment friendly non lead' bullets. More and more indoor ranges are changing their rules towards that realm. Federal makes 'green' ammo for 223 frangible non lead,9mm TMJ,40S&W TMJ,45ACP TMJ.
    TMJ=Total Metal Jacket
    TCJ=Total Copper Jacket
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    No but with wheel weights and lead being the evil killer they are. We'll all end up shooting green bullets before long. I haven't looked for any on the store shelves in reloading area yet. It would make for some interesting reloading and testing. Awhile back the rage for green primers was the in thing but that fizzled. Being and avid reloader my shooting of even jacketed bullets is very limited. when I bought my Hornady reloading press they gave away 1000 jacketed bullets there still in the reloading bench drawers I took the XTP 240 grain .44 bullets.
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  3. Bought a box of Winchester .22 LR that the bullets were made of tin. CRAP, in a word. I gave 'em away cause I worried what it would do to the rifling - maybe nothing but I'm too old school for that PC stuff. I'll stick to copper if that's all that's left. I don't see lead being banned but I do see them attempting to ban it.

    BTW, daniellawecki, I like loading those XTP 240s in .44 Mag - good on whitetails. I use Hornady loading data for my Marlin 1894 and my Colt Anaconda .44 Mag and have good results.


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