Grab the weapon in CQC

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  2. I had heard something about grabbing/holding the barrel while firing the weapon but that was he first time I had seen it demonstrated.

    Seems like a very good defensive technique to know.

    I'm still debating if I actually want to "test" it one time, but at least now I know it will work without damage to the sidearm or myself.

    Now that I think about a test, I'll wear a good glove, just to give myself a bit more confidence in the maneuver.


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    Just dont ty will a wheelie. With a semi it is all contained in the chamber then out the barrel. The only revolver you could actually do that with safely would be a Nagant Pistol since it seals against the barrel.

    Not that you wanna be this close but in a DGU situation you may be. As Gracie said better to control your weapon.
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    That training has been around for awhile. Heard of that many years ago he wrote for gun mag's can't remember his name.
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