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  1. forrest r

    forrest r

    I do my reloading in the winter to get ready for the next season. I shoot a fare amount of 38/357’s & use 3 different bullets. Here are some 38 rn & rnfp loads along with 38 P+ loads & 357’s with the same bullets.


    The 500 empty 357 cases in the coffee can in the center of the picture divides the 38’s (left) & the 357’s (right). The molds/bullets that I like to use are (left 358495 WC), (center lee rnfp) & (right 358311 rn). I need to cast more rn bullets, loaded all that I cast.


    I’m going to use those 500 357 cases & 1000 38 cases that I have to load the WC’s. The picture shows my loads, (left is a sized/lubed bullet), (center 357 S&W load) & (right contender 357 load). These WC bullets are flat out devastating. Their excellent for target work & hit like a hammer when their loaded hot.


    And of course no thread wouldn’t be complete without a little pistol porn to go with all those bullets, my baby.


    I bought & sold an easy 20+ 38/357’s over the years; I bought that one new in 1987 & will never part with it. That pistol hasn’t had 500 jacketed bullets down its bore but I had to send it back to S&W in 2006 to get it rebuilt. I shot enough cast bullets/reloads to wear the timing out on it.
  2. WOW You're a reloading machine. I suppose I am gonna have to try and catch up now. LOL

    I not yet tried WC rounds, always use SWC's. That is sure is a lot of lead you have there my friend not to mention one heck of a nice pistol at a great price.
  3. diesel


    I'm a die-hard revolver nut. I know nothing of reloading but, i love my 357's. Is that an old model 19? I have two smith 357's, 686 gem in the safe and a model 65 for a house gun. Both 4" and both shoot great.
    Going to Niles for the show Saturday. I want a long colt badly. Whats your opinion of the s&w LC's?
    Any other i should look for? All my revolvers are smiths or colts and i know nothing of the other brands.
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  4. forrest r

    forrest r

    Niles is a good show, always has been. I find it odd that you’re going to be there on Saturday. I always go on the first day of a gunshow if I’m selling or trading something. And go on the second day if I’m buying. For some reason people are easier to deal with when there’s only a couple of hours left at a show on the last day. $100 bills are easier to carry than steel.

    The LC is a good round with a dedicated following, mostly the cowboy action crowd.

    You should be able to find a decent smith 25 in the $500 to $600 range; it’s a buyer’s market right now. The 625’s sell for a little more money; if you find a short bbl’d (3” to 4”) 625 in the $600 range jump on it.

    I reload because it’s the only way I could afford to shoot, especially the volume of lead I put down range every year. Reloading also dictates the firearms I buy to use, it’s easier to buy firearms in calibers that I already reload for or have stock piled brass for.

    Enjoy the show & let s know what you saw.
  5. diesel


    Thanks Forrest, i will surely let you know what i see. I have to go Saturday because i will be at work Sunday and want to come home to watch the Super Bowl. I think it is obvious by now that i know not 1% of what you guys know, but that is why i am here, to learn. I grew up hunting rabbits and squirrels because we weren"t exactly well endowed. We ate what i shot. My dad was a WW2 vet that did not come home wrapped to tight. He wouldn't allow me a gun so my uncle used to sneak me out. Dad passed when i was 14 so my uncle gave me an old Mossberg 20 with a poly-choke. Thats what i killed those early critters with. Now that i am old, i am beginning to enjoy the pleasure of shooting at paper rather than critters.
    Thanks again and i will continue to try to learn from you guys.

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