Got a nice Christmas bonus...

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  1. $950 after taxes, not too shabby considering all my xmas shopping has been taken care of. Problem is... I need a new truck and really should put this money toward a down payment but... I really want a Ruger Super Black Hawk in .44 Magnum. So far my wife has forbid me to buy another gun any time soon, but that didn't stop me last time.;) Decisions decisions...
  2. You can buy a new truck with no down payment no trade in.
    There's nothing like a 44 magnum. The Ruger Super Blackhawk is one fine revolver. Just my 2 cents.


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  3. daniellawecki


    Ruger Blackhawk in stainless gets my vote 7 1/2 barrel .44 Mag . Myself I have a Ruger 10 1/2 and a Smith & Wesson 8 3/8. They love good old cast bullets 250 grain plus.
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  4. I have a good enough credit score to get the loan without a down payment, but having a down payment gets me a lower interest rate. Still... I like you gentlemen's thinkin'. Except I like the blued finish better personally. :p
  5. Very nice. Debating between the 5.5 inch barrel and the 7.5. 10 is pretty doofy looking and is probably a little front heavy. Not necesarily a bad thing, but it'd be real easy to get clumsy with.
  6. diesel


    The Ruger Blackhawk is a great gun. I bought an old .44 flat top at an estate sale a couple years ago for $250 bucks. I don't know very much about Rugers, being a S&W man but this old gun was in good shape.
    I brought it to gunsmith, who is a friend of mine, to go over it. It's serial # was 10,4?? The gun was made in they're first year of production, 1956. I spent another $65 or $75 on a pair of original grips, and gifted it to my son.
    He loves that old .44 and it is a great shooter. Even I can hit the target with it and that's say'n something.:flag:
  7. Wouldn't be my first time shooting one of these, my buddy back in Arkansas had one and I fell in love shooting it. hence why I'm hell bent on it.
  8. mooosie


    As time goes by the gun will increase in value how about wife ( just kidding)

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  9. Funniest thing I've read today, particularly being that most guns even in the best condition depreciate over time. :p
  10. diesel


    Looks to me, buy the amount of recoil, your firing some pretty hot loads, there Rich?:flag:
  11. Yes those were full house hand loads. 250 grain Keith type SWC. They would have been loaded with either Winchester 296 for Hodgkin's H 110.


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