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Discussion in 'Off Topic Room' started by MikeH121, November 29, 2016.

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    My 95 lb Louisiana Catahula Leopard Dog went to the vet yesterday, on the scale she was 54 lbs. She had lost 40 lbs in 8 days. Took her back today to go to dog heaven.

    She stopped eating 9 days ago. no matter what, chicken, beef bacon. Blood work came back this morning nothing found, but the vet agreed that surgery and tests and drugs to make her eat only gave her a 1 % chance.

    She was 14 still bright eyes and wagging tail, but failing. The thinking is maybe liver or kidneys starting to shut down. So I dropped her off at 400pm said my goodbye. The brown one is her brother. He is 75 lbs and 12 yrs old. The white one is now 70 lbs and 6 yrs old. So still 2 at home.

    Dogs are family. Like your children. But it is inevitable. They only live so long. We grow so attached to our four legged children. And then you feel guilty when that day comes. Dog people get it. Catahula's are good hunting dogs. Shoot a bb gun and she heads to where you pointed to see what you shot. Yet when I aimed the bb gun at her she bared her teeth, never taught her that. But yet turn the gun sideways and she wants to smell it, and wags her tail. She kept the yard free of squirrels. Always scanning the trees. Even this morning at 600am her last day she went out on the porch first thing her ears perked and she checked for squirrels. Yet coming back up the steps her legs failed do to rain and weakness from not eating I had to carry her back up.

    I say goodbye, to a good dog.
  2. Sorry to hear. I hate going through that. Have done, it far too many times.

    Wish they could outlive us!

  3. diesel


    My sympathies, I have a four legged child as well. Some say we are closer to our dogs than our children?
    Put one down 3 years ago.....heart breaking.
    Sorry for your loss, Mike.:(:flag:

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