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  1. diesel


    This just goes to prove what I've said all along, the "anti-Christ," obama will not stop til he brings about the beginning of the end.:evil:
    We have to hang tuff and battle this prick all the way to his impeachment or the end of his term. He and his crazy lib cronies will not stop til they get their way or their dead.:flag:

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    Obama vows to pursue gun control ‘with or without Congress’

    Posted By Alex Pappas On 10:28 PM 01/28/2014 In | No Comments

    President Obama vowed on Tuesday night to pursue gun control “with or without Congress.â€

    In his State of the Union address, Obama referenced recent mass shootings and called for new gun laws. In the aftermath of mass shootings over the last several years, Obama and Democrats have unsuccessfully pushed for new gun control measures.

    “Citizenship means standing up for the lives that gun violence steals from us each day,†Obama said.

    “I have seen the courage of parents, students, pastors, and police officers all over this country who say ‘we are not afraid,’†he said, “and I intend to keep trying, with or without Congress, to help stop more tragedies from visiting innocent Americans in our movie theaters, shopping malls, or schools like Sandy Hook.â€

    After the speech, Republicans immediately took aim. â€He doesn’t have the constitutional authority to act unilaterally and pass legislation on gun control,†Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann told The Daily Caller. “He just doesn’t.â€

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  2. Like that's ever stopped him before.

    Just watch the clown issue another "legislative fiat" and watch the Democrats start high fiving and the Republicans start peeing in their pants and holding prayer meetings.

    The whole Washington scene is just one giant soap opera waiting to be cancelled and nobody has the nuts to just DO IT.

  3. daniellawecki


    Doe's this jerk know anything at all. Hell if I wanted to be like England I'd move there. Socialism has not WORKED anywhere defenceless people around the world are being MURDER by the 10,000 of thousands. So lets talk real numbers so if guns are so Bad why do the rich have so many Hired Killers to protect them.

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