Go Big or Go Home: Colt LE901-16S Review

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    It has been fashionable for many years—decades in fact—to bash Colt. I’ve indulged in it myself and, to be truthful, they deserved a lot of it. But one thing they didn’t deserve was the accusation that the company was unaware of progress. Colt was, for better or worse, lashed to the Procrustean bed of mil-spec. They could have found a way to make a perfect barrel, one that never wore out or lost accuracy, but if it wasn’t mil-spec, the government wasn’t interested.

    For a long time now, shooters have been unhappy with the 5.56. (For the record, I am not one of them.) They pined for the good old days, when men were men, and men shot .30-caliber rifles. The first ArmaLite, the AR-10, was chambered in .308, and an awful, under-engineered mess it was. We have spent many years of late refining, perfecting and properly engineering the .308 Stoner system, and it has gotten to the point where manufacturers have been achieving success.

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