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Glock 44


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

Well, as I needed another 22LR pistol like a hole in the head, it was determined that the lady friend would shoot (and carry) a 22LR pistol much easier than any of the other offerings I have around here and as her practice time with the small 380's and 9mm guns was about zero, so I bought one of these.

Glock's entry into the world of 22LR and rimfire is about what is to be expected. It works and it works quite well.

Besides being the exact size as a Glock 19 (or Glock 23 if you're a 40 cal guy) it shoots and handles nicely AND I have about 200 holsters for it already!!

Seriously though, I just finished up a 600 round torture test of the new gun to break it in and see how it stacks up. It passed with flying colors.

I ran 400 rounds of M-22, 100 rounds of the CCI Mini-Mags, 100 rounds of the Winchester Super-X, 50 rounds of Aguila and a half box of left over 22LR rounds that I just had from various matches that were dumped into a box.

It shot every single round without a problem! I'd say that's a good start for a new gun for sure.

I did clean and oil it up right out of the box before leaving the house but nothing else at the range.

It took one full turn of windage and a quarter turn of elevation to zero it in at 25 yards.

I've ordered up 3 extra magazines so that we can use it in Steel Challenge as an iron sight rimfire pistol. Should be fun.

Was taking out the 35 yard Steel square target from the draw with no problems.