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Glock 43 report


nra instructor
January 10, 2012
No, I did not purchase one. I was tasked with giving a new shooter (a neighbor) the basics on a borrowed Glock 43 so he could determine if he really wanted to buy this model instead of something a bit bigger and holding more than six rounds.

Anyway, the first batch of rounds from 7 yards (my intial teaching distance to get a baseline) were pretty bad. All of his shots were "low and left". Does that strike a bell for anybody?? Yes it does. His trigger control was horrible, the grip was more for a revolver and his wrist was out of whack.

He couldn't believe it was "him" shooting that poorly so I took the sidearm, shot my first round dead center in the zero and the second shot dead zero in the head. He decided that I might have something worth listening to. I had borrowed this particular gun from one of my IDPA shooting buddies and had used this gun before in the BUG division so I knew it was pretty accurate.

Hmm, where to start. Well, we got the grip started to being a bit more under control. Shot some more and the grouping was getting better, but still WAY low and left.

Worked on the wrist action. Steadied down the finger. Got serious about the grip and all of a sudden the light bulb went off. Shots started all dropping in the zero (8" circle on the target) and smiles were starting.

Don't get cocky. Let's move out to the 10 yard line. Shots moving low left again. Started harping on a good, basic grip AND a nice draw on the trigger. Got settled down and the shots started dropping back in the zero circle, albeit still slightly low and left.

Next we worked on drawing from the holster to engage with a single shot. Initial times were 6 to 7 seconds to draw, aim, shoot. Didn't take long to get him down in the 3.5 to 4 second range (brand new shooter) and then consistent 3 seconds. I'll take that as a win.

OK, so we're shooting COM nicely at 10 yards. Finger control has settled in. Decide to tell him about the trigger reset on the Glocks (and most other new poly guns). Takes a few round and some memory but once he could do it, the shots really start dropping in nicely. Nothing about speed at this point, just shoot to hit what you're aiming at.

He had planned on shooting 20-30 rounds. We're now up to about 150 rounds. (All of his and some of mine). Well, let's try a bit of movement forward and backwards. That worked out reasonably well. Let's try some lateral movement while shooting. Hmm, not bad.

Let's move on to strong hand only and weak hand only. (He had never shot WHO ever). Hmm, his strong hand shooting was better than his freestyle!

Did some more movement, demostrated and shot a few Mozambiques (did well after missing the head a few times) and after watching him get much more comfortable with the sidearm handling it in and out of the holster, reloading in the open and taking down a few steels at 12 yards, I figure we're ready for the "subtle" test.

While reloading magazines at the table at the back of the bay, I mention now might be a good time to see if you can hit that steel target out there at 25 yards. Talked him through the grip, the setup and especially the trigger draw.


Not bad for two hours and 200 rounds, eh? From a shooter who couldn't hit the 8" circle at 7 yard to nailing the steel target (8" center) at 25 yards. And this with a sub compact Glock 43 in 9mm.

He will most probably buy his own today and pick it up on Saturday as he doesn't currently have a CCW for Florida so a three day wait is in his future.

My comments on the Glock 43 is that although I was not a big fan of the gun when it came out, I have since changed my mind due to shooting it a lot yesterday seeing the accuracy and comfort of such a small, light sidearm. My hands would have been a bloody mess if we had been shooting my Walther PPK/s the same amount. I could see the G43 replacing the PPK as my pocket gun. They both are six shooters but the PPK is a steel gun and pretty heavy comapred to the G43. I'm glad I got to shoot it a lot to convince me it is a viable replacement for the Walther. It fit nicely in my normal clothing pocket and with a decent leather pocket holster should prove excellent for those times when I can only pocket carry.

Anyway, that's my long winded account of taking a new shooter and at least making him as accurate and safe as I could in a short afternoon at the range. I'm sure he'll be out there at the Monday IDPA match in another week or so.



March 10, 2014
Thats an awesome report on the Glock 43, I wonder if any gun owners in ohio have similar experiences with the gun.