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Ghost Guns with 30 round magazine clips


September 5, 2012
Tactical Sh*t company is sealing Liberal Tears gun lube and now Aero Is selling this....

If the libtards and progessive morons are gonna yak, at least companies that stand with the 2A'ers can laugh AT THEM and make some cash, and put something out there that we people of the gun will buy, as long as it works.

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There’s an old saying (especially true for gun control advocates) that it’s better for people to think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. A certain elected official neglected to heed this advice and made what might possibly be the dumbest string of statements since Carolyn McCarthy spoke about the “shoulder thing that goes up.†In response, AeroPrecision has designed and started selling a special “Ghost Gun†edition receiver, with markings such as the notation used for Democrats as the “safe†position, “.30 Caliber Clip†for “fire,†and “half second†for full auto. While the “ghost gun†described by the California politician is technically a completed 80% receiver, the AeroPrecision firearms are serialized and complete receivers that need to ship to an FFL. But you can buy one for $105 and laugh maniacally as you imagine the stream of tears flowing from gun control advocates’ faces as you take ‘er to the range.
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November 15, 2012
The idiots running California have been educated well beyond their ability to reason. That, of course, calls in to question the voters who keep electing them.