Gander Mountain SALE Feb.5 thru Feb.27

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  1. Current Sales - Gander Mountain

    Gander's having a sale,ammo & guns.
    Good prices on ammo compared to what we've been seeing lately.
    some examples:
    CCI mini-mag can 1600rds for 100
    AE 223 55 100rds for 45
    UMC 223 55 200rds for 100
    CCI 9mm brass 350rds for 100
  2. reenignEesreveR


    :cool: Nice! Thanks for the tip...

    Hopefully they have some ammo still on the shelf when we get there!

    I see a ruger 10/22 also! I've been looking for one of those; I have three kids and two 10/22's (you see my dilemma). Although I was really looking for a plain carbine or sporter. :)
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