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Discussion in 'General Political Discussion' started by RIFLEMAN, November 5, 2012.

  1. Well guys I hope that every one of you get out tomorow and vote.I honestly fear that if our current commander in chief is re-elected we will see our country turn into something we could never thought possible. I believe we all know how it will affect our rights as gun owners. Regardless of your political leanings please vote . It is a powerful right we posses and to waste it a shame. Our fight to keep our guns will never go away but this is the most serious threat I can remember.After the count is over [that may take a long time]and if it goes our way we still must be on our toes during the lame duck period.Don't forget about the UN treaty,which I believe is still possible, or the supreme court nominations that may come about or a thousand other issues that are out there.Stay alert and ssupport the NRA.I know hthey can be apain in the butt but they are our strongest voice and we cannot let them down. So please guys,vote tommorow and keep on fighting.Thanks for letting me blow off a little steam.
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    Well spoken my friend!:bow:

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