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    Check this out. Does this mean our govt. can drone strike a militia that "the govt." deems a serious threat? This could be a game changer in the possible up coming violence if they try to ban our guns.:flag:

    DOJ Obama 'kill list' paper leaked, includes criteria for assassinating US citizens | The Daily Caller

    Army should fire author of report on conservative terrorism | The Daily Caller

    Anything that eric holder is a part of will not be trusted by me or any other right leaning American citizen.

    The obamanation is getting closer and closer to declaring war on the political right. Shine'm up boys.....looks like we're going to need them sooner than later.:flag:
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  2. Yep. Eric Holder is a deal killer on anything.

    The only thing his name needs to be on is a prison sentence.

  3. Recently with the drone activity being so publicized, I been wondering at what point they will decide that Americans in America will be fair game for strikes.

    I am not a conspiracy advocate, I just don't trust the powers in charge to be responsible in their use of these weapons.

    Targeting Americans outside the US is still in violation of the rule of law which is The Constitution.

    Those Americans that would pick up arms against our country are guilty of treason and should be tried for such crimes if they fail to comply with detention demands and resist by armed agression and they succume to wounds recieved during such resistance so be it. That is not the same as picking them out for annilihation by drone without any response from them in their defense.

    As Americans we all have those rights under our Constitution by our governement no matter where we are in the world. :flag:

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