G2 R.I.P. Round

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  1. R.I.P. 'Rest In Peace' should be changed to 'Ripped Into Pieces'.
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    That is a wicked round.
    Probably very pricey.

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  3. Interesting to say the least!

  4. currently stocked in 9mm only,$44 for a box of 20.

    when the liberals and anti-gun groups start crying about this and the Lehigh Defense Mankiller Bullets,they'll only have themselves and EPA to blame. If they hadn't stopped lead use,the bullet manufacturers wouldn't have had to start using other metals and since hardness of the other metals prohibits expansion comparable to lead,new bullet designs had to occur to induce that expansion.

    The Metals Scale of Hardness
    •Lead - 1.5
    •Tin - 1.5
    •Zinc - 2.5
    •Gold - 2.5 - 3
    •Silver - 2.5 - 3
    •Aluminum - 2.5 - 3
    •Copper - 3
    •Brass - 3
    •Bronze - 3
    •Nickel - 4
    •Platinum - 4 - 4.5
    •Steel - 4 - 4.5
    •Iron - 4.5
    •Palladium - 4.75
    •Rhodium - 6
    •Titanium - 6
    •Hardened Steel - 7 - 8
    •Tungsten - 7.5
    •Tungsten Carbide - 8.5 - 9
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  5. Where did you find the ordering link or did I miss that on the website?
  6. It's advertised as a 96gr projectile at 1265fps. Using a 1 in 10" barrel twist, that produces a 91,080rpm spin rate at muzzle exit. That rotational force is what causes the projectiles' 'fingers' to spread and separate outward. I'd be interested in seeing the pattern at various distances. I know it's considered a defensive round, but at what distance are the split off and flinging 'fingers' outside of the target.

    If you think 91,080 rpm spin rate is high, consider a 223 1 in 7" barrel twist shooting a 35 gr at 3900fps = 401,143 effective rpm spin rate at muzzle exit.
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  7. There are some of the ammo on gunbroker for $240+ right now for one 20 round box. Apparently this is the hardest ammo to get your hands on right now. I am scrambling to find a link for some in stock at the $44 price tag.
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  8. What's the rush/hurry ? Wait till supply catches up to demand.
  9. I am afraid that the government will ban (outlaw) it's sale and I like to collect rounds like that.
  10. or maybe the government will buy them all up to use against its' citizens.
  11. I've always found Gunbroker to be a den of people trying to sell stuff at a large profit for some reason.

    For a lot of people the site is like candy or something and they can't stop buying overpriced stuff.

    $240 for a box of 20???? What's the big deal?

    If the bullet design "takes off", there will others to follow. If it doesn't, it becomes another in a long line of great ideas that just didn't work out.

    Of course there's always the "I've got it first" mentality and then the hope that it becomes a collector's item.

    People do strange things when shiny new things are flashed up on the screen.

    AD (kind of like Winchester Black Talons and Winchester SXT if you're familiar with the story)

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