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March 5, 2014
The Bullet Ranch, in Pataskala, is getting Monday night league started. If anyone is interested.
The following is a portion of a member email I received:

The bullseye league at The Bullet Ranch will begin on Monday, April 21st. This 22LR Bullseye league will meet at 7pm every other Monday. The Bullet Ranch will be hosting several different divisions, from beginning to advanced. Plaques and prizes will be awarded at the end of the 6 session league shoot to the top 3 places in each division.

The shoot dates will be as followed, all at 7pm:

April 21st

May 5th

May 19th

June 2nd

June 16th

June 30th

There will be a League cookout/award party on Monday, July 14th at 7pm at The Bullet Ranch to pass out the plaques and prizes to the winners. All shooters are invited to come and enjoy the party.

What you’ll need:

1) A 22LR revolver or pistol

2) 60 rounds of 22LR ammo per night

3) ear and eye protection

4) signed Bullet Ranch waiver

5) the ability to have fun!

Shooting format:

1) Slow Fire - 40 rounds in 25 minutes - 10 rounds per target, 4 targets total

2) Timed FIre - 10 rounds in 20 seconds- 1 target

3) Rapid Fire - 10 rounds in 10 seconds - 1 target

All scores and new rankings will be posted by 6pm the following Monday. Call Jerry with any questions 740-964-1787.

You can sign up at any of the registers at The Bullet Ranch the night of the shoot. You can shoot in the entire league session to compete for top placement, or just shoot in any one of the sessions as you choose.


1)Where is the league?

* The Bullet Ranch , 12425 E Broad St Pataskala Oh 43062


February 19, 2015
Good to know. I've never shot there but heard from some who did that it is a righteous place to hang out with other gun guys. Was told it's laid back and folks are friendly. Plan to give it a go one of these days.


I am interested in shooting skeet again but not competitively, just for fun but I am not aware of any skeet fields available to the general public in the Columbus area with the exception of Black Wing in Delaware. Do any of you have any info? I'm going to snatch up a new Savage 555 O/U in .410 bore.

I've shot sporting clays but these days it's all I can do to walk 100 feet without hitting the inhaler. Had a stroke, heart surgery then I got fat! Maybe once I lose some weight I will be more inclined to want to do sporting clays again.

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September 21, 2014
That sounds like fun , problem is I live in Florida Oct. through June 1 st. and Gahanna for the summer. Will there be a league during the summer?

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