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Fun "BUG" Match


nra instructor
January 10, 2012

A fun change of pace from time to time is the traditional "BUG" match.

Yep, run your Back Up Gun in a timed shoot.

The last BUG match I shot was with the IDPA group and there were some "rules" of the game.

We shot our back up guns (well, duh!) and they were limited to 5 rounds only on each of 10 stages. This leveled the playing field for everyone and allowed the revolver guys to shoot equally with the autos. If you missed a target, it hurt your score, big time!

Well, these guys today were a different group and they really didn't have any rules that I could see. Most of the guys shot "big guns" and not what I would call backups. At least nobody was shooting an "open" style gun with optics and lasers.

They had no limit on the amount of bullets you could dump on a target so lots of them just shot up the target to get the score. Kind of pointless to even have a BUG match like that, but we were already there and a few of us actually did shoot real back up guns and a few of those even drew from their pockets with LC9's and things like that.

I beat my normal shooting partner by about a second but we were at least both using real backups and not our "normal" guns that we use on Monday nights.

So, I think I'll pass on this club's BUG match the next time they run one and just stay with ours where there are some rules of engagement, so to speak, and you don't have guys shooting custom 1911's when the next guy is shooting a 5 shot revolver.

I also like the limit of 5 shots per stage to make sure you really shoot it right instead of just spraying extra shots to cover up the initial mess.

I shot my Walther PPK/S in .380 for this one. It is my backup gun for when I have to drop one in my pocket and carry that way.

Another thing I noticed is that this gun just tore my hands up after I was done. I'm not used to shooting 50-60 rounds out of it and loading and clearing it with the sharp edges on the slide were just eating my left hand up!! Of course it's an old gun and we don't realize just how nice the newer guns are these days!!

AD (just my 2 cents worth)