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    Just a few words. The Templars would still be around and Muslims would be scared if a certain Frenchie King Phillip didn't round them up. Started on Friday the 13th, 1307. And to commerate the date it appears that Muslims attacked in France today, 2015.

    Oh wait I forgot they are practicing their peaceful religion. Last count around 40 dead. But our CIC says mass shootings don't happen anywhere in the rest of the world. So this all must be Christians.

    I know maybe its the Templar decendants getting revenge for 1307 against the frogs.

    And to history, the Norman Knights where Norsemen, so the Templars were Viking decendants. Which is why they fought better then the French to begin with.

    Latin Templar Motto. "Operor vestri officium adveho quis may"

    English, "Do your duty, come what may."
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    Great pic, Mike.
    I've gotten pretty heavy into the Templars(Freemasons today?)lately after becoming addicted to the "Oak Island" tv show. You are correct on the origins of the 13th mythology.
    I understand that the Templars that survived the French purge went to Scotland and from there the States where they may or may not have buried Christian relics.

    The king of France purged the knights with the blessing of the pope (not hard to believe) because he was seriously indebted to them. The pope agreed to the slaughter because they excavated under Temple Mount and came away with many items that could put Christianity as we know it, in jeopardy. Phillip borrowed scads from them (+ was unwilling to pay them back.) They had set up the first system of installment loan banking.

    And the Templars were from many Euro countries, however, the earlier ones may have been Norse. Their highest ranking, I believe, is a 33rd degree Scottish Rite mason, which lends credence to the Viking theory. The Vikings, more or less, had by the 10th century, infiltrated all of Great Britain, including the throne. They were also know to be extremely tall and heavy framed men which leads many to believe they were descended from biblical giants. They also sailed inland and conquered the "Rus" peoples which obviously became the Russians.

    Sorry bout that, I get carried away when talking history.;):flag:
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