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    So guy at work, Don, used to own an LGS. Years ago. He "was" carrying a Kel-Tec 380. One of his sons used to work for Jean Schmidt in Washington. He is in Columbus now, came down around Christmas. They went to the range, Don ended up giving his son a Flying Donut symbol on the grips and all, Ohio Highway patrol .357 revolver he has had for years. Was gonna give him the little 380 but after almost a box of ammo the trigger just died. No click, no resistance at all.

    He ordered the hammer block and spring. I fixed it for him. It was a pain in the Trump. :rofl:

    He gave me this Monday. Still had the original receipt from 1986 for 70 bucks. He sold it, the guy brought it back saying it just would not shoot all the time. The problem is the slide is too heavy for bulk 22LR you need good ammo or magnums, to cycle all the time. Also ended up with the springs he ordered first which were the wrong thing, they were for the Kel-Tec P11, the double stack 9 which I have and have shot about 100 rounds thru. it seems to work. The springs are beefier. So a free, though cheap gun and parts to repair another. For fixing his. It took me about 1 1/2 hours cause the 3 fingers you need to get the spring paw into the hammer block and onto the pin and the hammer return spring down into the groove and pinned at the bottom of the grip behind the magwell is 2 fingers too many for the space. :mad:

    DSCF0001.JPG DSCF0004.JPG
  2. Oh my God!

    I had one of those about a 1000 years ago. I recognize the box!

    I also gave it away.

  3. MikeH121


    Always knew you were an old fart. But didn't think you were older than the Crusades. :rofl::rofl:

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