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Free Float


September 5, 2012
Well is seems the latest AR I built has an issue. The Delta ring seems to be a tad too thick ? You almost have to stand on it to put on surplus GI fore end. Was in a Pawn shop today, they are also an FFL, and they had AIM Free Float quad rails for carbine for 40 bucks. Will get some pics. The barrel nut / mounting threads are over 2 inches wide so lots of material. it has rails on all 4 sides. I can also mount it with my current low profile railed gas block and have a full rail all the way to the end of said block. if I went with the midi I would have to change out the gas block and it would go inside.

Looks good fit and finish wise. No frills, ie: no instructions not even on their website. And when you click on the video it only shows install on the 2 piece rails. I would still say check them out 149.00 was the cheapest price around here on rails. These look and feel just as good.


Also I have finished a 30.06 bullet pen, and am doing a 50 cal pen. And a 45 cal pen that instead of wood I used cut down 40 cal casings. made the wood for a revolver pen then promptly lost the top part. The 30.06 one took about 1 hour and the kit was 5 bucks. Was thinking of giving them as gifts 5 people have already wanted to gank them.