Found some barrels in stock...

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by whitewolf68, January 19, 2013.

  1. I installed the M4 upper and so I need an M4 barrel now and I have been searching tonight and came across this link.

    Zombie Barrels

    Not sure about these barrels but the price is DAMN good for the M4 series barrel at about $120. Anyone have experience with them?
  2. rjrivero


    Never heard of them. Kind of hard to scoff at that kind of price. Understand, these are stainless barrels, and they aren't going to last as long as chrome lined barrels. But at that cost, who really cares?
  3. I was thinking about going chrome lined but I am not going to do full auto mag dumps, at least I am not planning it.

    I don't think that 10,000 rounds is all that bad as far as barrel life though, I could be wrong.
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  4. MikeH121


    Even at 10,000 you would have already done trigger and mag springs. Maybe even firing pin. Bolt and all should hold up, It says they are NRA approved site?

    I was thinking also about the 16 incher.
  5. Yeah their prices are great. I am also looking at their M4 barrel as well. It's a 16" barrel.

    If you order one from there get me one too. :D

    I am ordering additional firing pins and other parts as well for replacements to have on hand.
  6. MikeH121


    Last night, Just ordered A Colt Delta Ring assembly from Brownells. Bolt cam pin and a handguard cap and a wedge.

    And this am just ordered 2 caps 1 DPMS and 1 olympic, 2 packs of gas rings and 2 firing pins from Midway.

    I checked Midway because last night they had Bolts due in today but that has updated to Feb 7th. :banghead:

    Only Barrels are DD for close to 300.00 and they have the 14.5 -11 inchers but you need a SBR license or you goto jail.

    May have to go Zombie :D Checked Citadels and they sell from another place that is out of stock.

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