Foster's...Australian for beer.......

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  1. MikeH121


    OSPREY....American for Cool (running bolt)

    Why the title? Because it came in a Fosters size can.....:D

    Top Label : note Not for sale in Cali......


    Cool can...about the size of USARMY smoke or thermite grenade can


    And inside complete with shielded handguards

  2. Very cool in deed!

    I just received my upper receiver today as well. The finish it great but NOT an exact match to the lower. I suppose I am being too picky as it is a utility weapon as well and I am looking for function overall. The fit is great exact for the back pin is SUPER tight. I am afraid to tap it in for fear I will not get it loose again.

    Let me ask this question. Am I being too picky about the finish being just a tad of a shade lighter then the lower?
  3. MikeH121


    Naw.... as for the Pin just get a drill bit just a tad bigger and run it thru with your fingers or verrrrrry slow drill. Inside the hole wont matter.

    I have been lucky so far on the finish match. But AM looking at a Stainless Steel Fluted barrel. That won't match at all. :D

    Osprey designed it well. 5 year Guarantee. Regardless of rounds. :D And the connecting pin on the slide (the black part of the long rod is not a drive in pin but a curled drunk "s" shape. It goes into the end connecting the rod to the piston the black flater piece the wraps and locks onto the back part of the rod. It is like a BCM Charging Handle, there is no stress at all on that connection. Too much surface area. I'll try to take some pics to better explain it.

    The guys at work called it a gun in a can. :D An important part sure.....

    It ain't even installed and I am pleased with the quality. And MAC.... has fired a few rounds thru his Windham Weaponry with the osprey installed,

    Osprey Defense OPS-416 Gas Piston Kit - YouTube

    He also did a freeze test.

    Osprey Gas System Ice Test - YouTube
  4. Just got done with the dremel and a small grinding wheel. Ground down the inside ever so slightly and now she fits like a glove. :)

    I was going to install the dust cover but apparently I am missing the "c" clip and the cover is scratched up from Midway. I am searching for a NEW cover assembly now.

    I was trying to get the forward assist installed as well but that was not going to well without a vise and vise block so off too Adco I will go and have them install the forward assist. I did order 2 more "c" clips on eBay too.
  5. MikeH121


    That is why I ordered the second "c" clip and spring and dust cover. I have the whole assembly in one pack and 3 of 4 only the hinge pin is on backorder. Isn't adult scary black "assault" legos fun? :rofl:

    Even more so when your detents and springs go shooting across the room.....they shot straight like little tiny, shiny
    arty rounds. That is also why when I had the chance I grabbed that Bushmaster replacement pack for 12 bucks at Dunhams. 2 of all the springs detents roll pins buffer ret, and all. Never hurts to have backups.
  6. Apparently I was not missing the "c" clip. It was stuck to the door from the oil. LOL Stupid me was just too blind to see it. Oh well I order more anyhow and that's too late.

    I do love legos though especially this kind. :D

    I almost lost that DAMN spring a dozen times tonight trying to get the cover on. I am thinking now about what you said about having extras on had as well.

    So I now have the dust cover installed, I just need to get to ADCO for the forward assist installation. Wonder how much that will be?

    P.S. There are TONS of custom AR Dust covers for sales on eBay as well. Time to do some more shopping me thinks, still not made my mind up if I want a custom cover or just the plain black.
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  8. I watched the video but I do not have the vice block or a vice. :(

    I think this is one step I will have a pro do so I do not screw anything up.
  9. MikeH121


    Dont need a vise block the pin goes in easier than the trigger guard pin. The "pros" use a vise the amatuers put it between their knees.

    Just use a nail or punch to line up the hole like he did then insert the pin tap it in you are done.
  10. Well the forward assist is in. There is a small nick on the under side though, DAMN IT! The punch slipped a little during the process but she is in. :)
  11. MikeH121


    Damn you. :banghead:

    I had to go and put on the FA and Dust cover......:banghead:

    Just could not leave well enough alone......the lego just kept calling...."Wolf just put his on what about me?"

    My clip too was stuck to the Dust cover, lightly oiled.

    Guy at work gave me another aluminum case about the size of a 2 pistol, all the rest of the stuff is in there.

    I have 1 Safe that can hold about 2000 rds its about the size of a 50 cal ammo can. Has an actual full safe combo box, got it from the boss for 20 bucks. The combo box and dial alone are 150 our cost. It would be a good truck or jeep box. Had it for about 10 years now. Also have a round aluminum safe about the same size, can go in the floor. Also about 20 bucks had no key the boss got it at the flea market. Got a coat hanger safe. Same shape has a door you close it on the rod, hang a coat on it and no one knows. Has a combo and a key. Fits 2 pistols.

    Not saying I am burying or hiding anything just pulled them out today kinda wondering.
  12. Sorry Mike. :rofl:

    This obsession I have about completing things is taking me over. I am searching for hand rails, barrels and trying to learn how to install them now. :banghead:

    I am still thinking about ordering a new dust cover though. I am just not happy about the light to minor scratches on it. :(

    Damn you have some of the neatest toys Mike. All these aluminum cases and safes.

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