Fort Drum brass destruction threatens reloading supply and more

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    A report received yesterday by Gun Rights Examiner indicates at least one military installation is still destroying expended ammunition brass, despite a furor raised in the gun community a few years back that resulted in two senators intervening to stop the practice and allow for its resale for reloading. The Dec. 2012 Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan for Fort Drum, N.Y., marked “Revision 1,†describes its policy for brass and expended munitions as part of its installation recycling program, which includes rendering expended ammunition brass unsuitable for anything but scrap.

    “Brass from expended ammunition/munitions is recycled,†the report advises. “Expended munitions must be free of any explosive hazard or residue and be crushed, shredded or otherwise destroyed prior to public sale.

    “At Fort Drum, brass from expended ammunition is processed through a brass deformer machine located at the transfer station,†the description continues. “The deformed brass is purchased by a scrap metal vendor who reports the weighed amount to the QRP [Qualified Recycling Program] Manager. The proceeds from the sale of the scrap metal are deposited into the designated QRP account.â€

    This is a reversal of an understanding given to Senators Max Baucus and Jon Tester after they wrote a letter expressing legal concerns to the Defense Logistics Agency in 2010.

    Fort Drum brass destruction threatens reloading supply and more |
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    The libs are a sneaky, cowardly, conniving lot who will go to any extreme to have their way. If one were to research this waste systematically, I would bet any amount, there's a lib in the wood pile somewhere. Any way to get one over on the right.....know what I mean?:flag:
  3. I couldn't have stated it any better than that.

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    Wrote letters to Senator(s) Portman, Tester and Baucus to make them aware of this situation. There is NOTHING a conservative senator hates more than to have their work ignored. Lets see what happens.

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