Flip Sights arrived

Discussion in 'Accessories & Gear' started by MikeH121, March 28, 2013.

  1. MikeH121


    The Sniper Tactical Flip sights got here today. They are Poly and do not really feel cheap. You actually pull forward on the front and they pop up. They do not snap onto the rails. You have to slide them from the end. They have a screw and removable pin the replace the spring if it breaks. Most would just make ou buy new ones. They are Wind and Elev adjustable with the rear also switchable to battle sights. Impressed for 26 bucks. I have looked at MagPul's in store these I think I like better.

    Got some pics:

    Front down:


    Front Up:


    Rear Down:


    Rear Up:


    Both o dem Up:


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