Flannel Jammies .... At The Range ????

Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by BuckJM53, January 24, 2015.

  1. BuckJM53


    .... At The Range ??????? :eek:

    As I was packing up my range bag this morning to leave ... low and behold, 3 college aged guys strolled up to the stall next to mine wearing sweat shirts and multi-colored flannel jammy bottoms :eek:. Maybe I'm just getting old but when did it become acceptable behavior to wear sleepwear to the range, the mall or a variety of other public venues? While I realize that every generation must push the "taste in clothing" envelope a little bit, I'd be embarrassed to show up to the range or mall in my typical evening attire :eek: :) :D
  2. Minimal Brat

    Minimal Brat

    People have no class anymore lol. When I had foot surgery the only thing I could get on my foot was a slipper. I thought I would die of embarrassment when I had to go to the store with a slipper on my foot.
  3. BuckJM53


    MB ... there is no question that formality in public has digressed a bit over the years. I remember as young man when both men and women dressed up to fly on a plane.

    BTW ... I didn't look closely enough to determine the presence of "fly fronts" nor did I hang around to see if one ended up doing the "hot brass" dance :D
  4. I can't believe you were too surprised by this. Kind of common these days. I generally wear jeans to the range or anywhere else myself (would hate for one of them 9mm casings to eject just right and find that sweet spot in the front of my PJ's), but if I'm having a lazy sit around my house in my jammies all day kind of day and have to run out to Walmart to grab something I just ran out of (like I just drank all my pop), I don't hesitate to go in my PJ's. People show up dressed far worse for sure.
  5. diesel


    What ever happened to sweats?, especially this time of the year.
    I have to agree with Buck and Brat on this one, must have something to do with my age......lol.

    Worse case scenario, i'll go to the gas station or drive thru in sweats but, never p.j.'s. It appears as though we are becoming an embarrass-proof society. No dis to you, Thrash, you younger folks just came up that way. Many of us were raised buy old timers who thought completely different. My mother passed last year at 93 years of age. If pop was still living he'd be a 101 ! See where I get my ideals?...from the 1800's...LOL.:notlooking::flag:
  6. Well, my c'n'b aren't hangin' out and my pjs cover my entire ass unlike some peoples jeans and shorts these days. So yeah, I'm not too embarrassed to be spotted in them. I'm more decent in PJ's than other people are when "fully dressed" these days. lmao
  7. Same happened to me yesterday. This woman, who coincidentally was as wide as she was tall, and decked out in blazing pink top and bottom sweats that visually described every bit of cellulite on her generous backside; hurt the eyes if you looked directly at her, was an obvious distraction to the other shooters until . . . I lit off my bud's .50AE Desert Eagle and she went screaming out of the shooting booth with her hands over her earplugs and her boyfriend in tow - priceless!


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