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  1. Today after I left Wal-Mart to go the the auto parts store I decided I was gonna open carry there as first attempt. I went to O'Reilys in OC fashion with not problems, not sure they noticed or not, they did not have the headlamp I needed so off to AutoZone.

    I walked in AutoZone OC'ing and all went well until I tried to exit. I was already nervous as a whore in church, I paid for my headlamp and was walking out when, YEP, the alarm when off because the little indian guy behind the counter forgot to deactivate the sensor in the package. That thing I kid you not was audible all across the parking lot and street. There were about 15 people around when it did go off inside the store just staring at me.

    As it turns out it was really a non-event though with regards to OC but I am still shaking from the AutoZone incident. :shocker:
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  2. Congratulations!!

    Welcome to the club.

    Everybody has a first step and they really do get easier as you keep stepping into the waters!!

    Good job.

  3. Thank you AD. What sparked it today I saw a gentleman going into Wal-Mart OC style. I've yet to test those waters due to mixed results from ALL over the U.S. and the fact our local PD is not known for their combined intellect. Hopefully I will keep taking steps forward. I just fear the backlash from retailers and the local PD while I am looking for a job. =(
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    Congrats on your first OC!! Part of my struggle is giving up the tactical advantage. I'm not high-speed anything and I while I train when I can, I realize that I am going to need all the advantage I can muster if I end up in a confrontation.

    People in general are such sheep, I am sure most people didn't even notice.
  5. Thank you. Like you I am not high speed either but I think just knowing that someone is carrying sometimes will prevent a violent act, however that could go either direction.

    I agree with you that people are sheep. WE have been force fed bullshit by the government for so long people have lost the ability to think freely and act as such. Sorry end of soapbox. If they did notice no one reacted negatively thankfully.

  6. The irony there is that most people make Walmart their first OC experience. :D
  7. LOL I thought about it but then abandon the idea quickly. Our local PD for that area are not known to be the best.
  8. Actually I believe most people make Walmart their first CONCEALED carry experience.

    Typically called the "Wally Walk".

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    I was carrying my Glock one day earlier this summer. I was on my way to a Black Swap Carbine Shoot and needed a few more rounds. I had my G23 in my holster, but I had taken off my mechanic's shirt as it was getting hot. I didn't really think about it, but I was open carrying. As I entered Gander Mountain on Airport, the nice lady at the front desk asked me if my pistol was loaded. I smiled and answered "It sure is. Won't do me any good unless it is." She said that guns brought to the store need to be unloaded and checked. I asked her if store policy was to allow carry or not? She said we allow concealed carry, but that's not concealed. I pointed out that Ohio was an open carry state and it's legal for me to carry openly. She said, "I guess your right." I then asked if it was okay to continue my shopping or if she wanted me to leave. She said, "I suppose if you're legal, you're legal."

    Last year I was at Kohl's shopping for back to school clothes for my daughter. She was in the dressing room and I reached up for a different size shirt for her. My gun came un-covered and the lady next to me asked me if I was "Expecting Trouble" as she saw my gun. I smiled and said, "No ma'am. I'm absolutely positive I'm not going to run into any trouble at all today. If I was expecting trouble, I would have my rifle and 10 of my closest friends with their rifles as well." I find being polite and smiling makes you a much better ambassador for 2nd Amendment Rights.
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  10. I've never thought about Gander Mountain for open carry. I wonder what Bass Pro would say. I would love to open carry more, I guess it is coming down to a matter of geography and what stores you visit.

    I always CC when out no matter what. I am sure there have been a few looks when, like you, I go to reach for something and my Kimber UCII becomes exposed, but I have yet to have anyone say anything besides my wife of course.
  11. The three Bass Pro Shops we went into on our Sturgis trip all had signs posted stating you should "check your weapons at the desk" when entering. As we were concealed at the time, we just kind of ignored the sign and went about our business.

    Had we been open carrying, I'll just assume we would have "checked our guns" at the desk and went about our business.

  12. That is usually what I do when visiting Cabela's. They have a similar sign posted there as well, but nothing is stated as to concealed carry, I just assume it is for firearms coming in for sales to them or valuation.

    I suppose I will bypass Cabela's and Bass Pro for open carry then.
  13. "checking your gun" is usually referring to someone bringing a gun in for sales or service.

    Cabelas here in PA has this sign on the front door:

  14. I've never seen that type of sign at my local Cabela's in MI. I think MI is an open carry state as well I am just curious what Cabela's would say if I came in OC style. :D
  15. Well...according to my's company policy to follow the laws of the state the store is in. So if your state allows OC and CC, then the store will also. :D
  16. I will have to check and see what the MI law states are non-resident open carry. :thumbs:
  17. If a state allows OC for Residents, then they allow it for NR. :)
  18. Hmmm good to know. So if Ohio is an open carry state by right Michigan should allow it as well? I might have to test that. Anyone wanna contribute bail money and a place to leave afterwards? :peace:
  19. mmmm....that's not what I said? If MI allows residents to OC carry then they must also allow NR to OC. What OH does has nothing to do with what MI does.
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    Curious... What Walmart and what time?

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